Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vista Chino and Monster Truck- Loppen, Christiania 10/25/13

Monster Truck
It is not that often that I come to shows at Loppen that are sold out! It is just so packed and hot. Anyway, my friend Johan and two of his friends from Sweden arrived in the late afternoon and we had some Indian food and beers and listened to a lot of cool music for a few hours including Seven that Spells, Beyond-o-matic, Church of Misery, Nocturnal, Blackberry Smoke, ØSC, and other stuff. Around 21 we headed off for Christiania. A lot of people were hanging out in front of Loppen and we took a walk around Christiania for a little bit but it was raining some so we headed into the club. met up with Tommy from Gas Giant (Stefan and Thomas came later), the guys in Causa Sui, Tom and Sven. Monster Truck are a Canadian band and despite being a quite popular band in Canada (they have opened for ZZTOP!) they are totally unknown here. I checked their web site and they have made 1 full length record and two EPs. Anyway, the set was high energy stoner rock with a bluesy edge at times. They did one real blues song and that was cool but the guitar solo was way too short. I was pretty blown away. The singer has a fantastic voice and a great combination of heavy guitar riffs, Hammond organ (Nord Electro into a Leslie cabinet) and great bass, drums and vocals. I will try to hunt down their record for sure.

Set List: Old Train, The Lion, Boogie, Runnin’, Power of the People, Love Attack, For the Sun, Sworded Beest, 7 Seas Blues, Call it a Spade

          It was probably half an hour or more before Vista Chino hit the stage and people were high and filled with alcohol and ready for the Kyuss intensity. It was really hot in Loppen and the band opened with Adara from the new record and into One Inch Man. The sound was a lot louder than for the first band (whose sound was excellent) and many more people were packed into the front now. John and the entire band sounded killer. What a great vocal performance. He does not say anything to the audience but was really passionate and sang great. Still has a great voice. Brant sang Planets 1&2, the first encore song. It was cool to hear them play the instrumental track Asteroid. Mike from COC was killer on bass. They did a few really cool jams in Dark and Lovely (my favourite track from the new record) and Whitewater. Freedom Run was so cool to hear. I guess they played about 90mins and really worked hard and sweated this night. Killer concert. Wow… wish I had recorded it. If you don't think Kyuss is back, you are wrong. They had to chance the name but they are laying down as well or better than the past. 

Set List: Adara, One Inch Man, Dargona Dargona, Hurricane, Sweet Remain, Gardenia, As you Wish, Asteriod, Supa Scoopa, Dark and Lovely, Thumb, Green Machine, Freedom Run, Planets 1&2, Whitewater, Odyssey

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