Sunday, October 13, 2013

Marc McDowell/Octopus Syng split 72 (Fruits de Mer Winkle 13)

Here is a new split 7” with Marc McDowell, whom I have never heard of and my friend Jaire’s band, Octopus Syng with their first new material in some years. The single starts off with Marc a track entitled Girls of Belvoir (clocking in at 5½ mins). It is mainly acoustic guitar, violin and vocals to start. The mix is quite psychedelic and eventually some flute and drums enter. A beautiful track and it reminds me a bit of Circulus but more spaced. The Finnish band Octopus Syng is back with a track that goes back to the roots of the band mixed with the magic of Syd Barrett. Few people can pull this off like Jaire and his group of Finnish freaks. Acid-folk psychedelia at its best! Enjoy…

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