Saturday, October 5, 2013

Horizont- Writing on the Wall 7” (Rise Above Records)

The Swedish 70s rockers Horizont soon have a new LP out and this is a taster as well as including an unreleased track on the B-side. The 7” is made in many different colors and in about 1000 copies, if I recall correctly. Writing on the Wall is an uptempo track that reminds me a bit of UFO. Axel, his voice is so intense and really draws your full attention when he is singing. The dual guitars of Kristofer and Magnus provide very nice melodic lines for the main track. Real Slide Chain is a short unreleased track and it starts off with some nice dual guitar lines before the main theme of the song and vocals kicks in. Axel sings in a more laid back way on most of this track. The track goes by quite fast and is over before you know it.  An ok 7” but it did not really blow me away. I look forward to the new full length record where the band has more time to expressed themselves. These guys are coming to Copenhagen in Oct 19th at Stengade 30. I am not sure if Tom from Church of Misery, is still playing guitar with them or not.. 

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