Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spektr from Morning to Midnight- Cinemateket, København Oct 12th, 2013

Carl Heinz was a German silent film producer and he made a really far out avante garde film called From Morning to Midnight in the early 20s. The theater was nearly sold out and I only knew one person in the entire place (Martin from Devolution magazine) and we did not meet until after it was over. The place was more than half women, which surprised me but then when I saw that the band is also has three women (two on keyboards and one singing), I understood.
The bass, guitar and drums were all men!  There was a little introduction by the man from the Film Institute of both the film and the band (in Danish) and then the movie started and it was in 5 acts and the band played along. The first two acts the music was pretty mellow with mainly just the keyboards, voice and percussion but then during some of the intense parts in the last 3 acts, the music was more uptempo and rocking. The last act had some surf like guitar mixed in as well. I think they did a great job but was a little surprised they did not try to follow a few of the movie cues like when he is knocking on a door, to make a knock sound and when the guy was playing a trombone, to make those kinds of sounds. Anyway, they were great and very professional. I could see they had recorded a few records as well that they had for sale. A really cool event.

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