Saturday, October 5, 2013

Psicomagia- Psicomagia (El Paraiso records EPR014)

Psicomagia is a new group featuring Brian Ellis (not on guitar or synths by on saxophone) with a group of like-minded mates from San Diego. I think some of these folks also play in the improvsed Brian Ellis group. The spoken words are all in Spanish as are all the song titles. The music is mostly instrumental very intense. Fans of the Mars Volta will probably dig this even though there is no guitar! El Memorioso start things off with a really cool intro before the amazing bass playing and intense drumming kicks in and then saxophone takes the lead. The song has a very cool vibe and the duelling battle with the keyboards (sometimes sounds like a flute) and sax is very cool. El Congreso Pt1 is next and split over the end of side A and beginning of side B and this features the spoken word poetry in Spanish of Bernardo Nuñez. It starts slowly but then gets super intense as you go on the same trip as the first track with the synths really taking the lead with some repeated patterns return with the sax lines. Phew.. Flip the record over and the poetry returns but the intensity of the keyboard is really cool as it sound nearly like a guitar at times and really is balanced to the right while the poetry is to the left. Brian is taking a break for a bit but rest are not! I have to say this is some of the absolutely most intense effected organ and synth playing I have ever heard, this Tyler Daughn is fucking unreal. He gives the music a total head fuck! The last track Simplón is a bit more composed and less of a full on freakout but no less intense. This one hell of a record to sit through and you need to hear some pretty mellow stuff afterwards but I am fully ready for the next trip!  Awesome.

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