Monday, February 5, 2024


Wow.. Hard to believe it has been 8 years since I came to Berlin to see Pothead.  It was so great to see the guys and hear them play again. It was a really different set from last time and more on the heavy rock side but also some rare tracks..

We arrived about 20:35 and they were to start at 21. Got a beer, found a good place in front of Brad. Place was about 2/3 full but still some folks outside. I guess in the end it was 3/4 full. Tickets were pretty expensive, 42€. A lot for one 2hr show and no opening band. 

Anyway, the mood was great and it was a mix of the old gray guys like me and the younger folks and lots of women dancing!! Sound was perfect!! What a great and more heavy set.. I liked it a lot. The band said they felt the show was a good one as well.. 

They went thru a lot of their catalog but not songs from Rocket Boy or Chardeire or USA.  Last year they played a lot from USA.  Some rare ones like Fairground, All those memories and Mary Jane, were great to hear. I also was happy to hear Constantinople. 

After the show I hung out and talked with Jonathan, a young Pothead fan, who has been helping me out with some info about the band that I am trying to hunt down.  They let us in the backstage after about 30mins and it was so great to see Jeff!!  I had hung out with Brad the day before.  We stayed for about 2hrs and went in rounds talking with everyone. Got a picture of me and Brad, my daugher and Brad, Silvana and Brad..  Fun.. They are the nicest people…

Monday, January 8, 2024

Tidsgæst new Fundraiser

 A message from Sigurd::

Hi! I've started this campaign to fund the production and pressing of the third and last Tidsgæst doublealbum. A psych/prog/horror project that i started 10+ years ago.

I'm doing all instruments, vocals (in danish BTW), recording, mixing and mastering myself but the final steps must be done by people who have the equipment and skills. That's the big cost. Also, the funding will cover the shipment of the album so i hopefully end up with a break-even bottonline. 

If you find this album interesting you can help me finance the release. You will then get hold of a copy of a LP that will not be easily found outside of Scandinavia. I plan to press about 300 albums, depending of interest. All money goes directly to the release of this vinyl!

About Tidsgæst (Time's Guest or Guest in Time)

This whole project developed from some talks with a former bandmate. We where both interested in old danish folklore about gnomes, elfs, ghosts and haunted places, and we found it remarkable that the storys told by people way back resembled the way people of today describes psychedelic experiences. So we got the idea that we should re-tell these storys using psych as the musical language. I have been a psych/prog musician and fan since way back, and had started to play in this style again after a long time.

I then moved to Sweden which made the project a one-man-band effort. The songs developed more and more and found inspiration in other writings, like weird tales by the 1900's ghost story authors and the 50's-60's Sci-Fi books. First double album came out in 2013 and the sequel in 2017.

Moving around from place to place, jobs and kids slowed down the work on this album a lot, but now i can see the end of it all (no no, not that end). I'm in the mastering process right now, so the tracks are not ready for release for a couple of weeks, but you can listen to some tracks from the first two records in the Soundcloud widget, which are very much in style of the new album.

Hope you find interest in this limited work of a weird explorer, who would make an excellent mad scientist if i didn't had discovered the holy blessings of music first.

Cheers from Sigurd, Afd. O Records

The first records were cool and I will support this one for sure..   The link is below..

Here's link to the Kickstarter page: