Monday, November 28, 2011

Siena Root and Syreregn live at BETA, Copenhagen 11/27/11

This was the last night of Siena Root’s European tour in support of their new double live record, Root Jam. Sadly, there was problems with the artwork so the vinyl version was not ready for the tour. They did have the very nice double CD digipack version though. The band arrived over an hour late due to fierce winds we were having that delayed the ferry between Germany and Denmark. I arrived at the BETA at 17:15 after a hellish bike ride due to the strong winds. I was the DJ tonight and they were setting up the DJ booth when I arrived and Siena Root was soundchecking the drums. I went around and said hello and met the new singer (Chrissi) and organ player (Eric). I had hoped more people would show up tonight but with this weather and Saxon and Anvil playing next door, it was not likely.

          Sygeregn, who I guested with back in August, started at 19:30 and there were about 30 people. They played really cool set and this is a band that is getting more confident and playing fantastic. They played a couple of new songs tonight one of which I made a video of (See below). Psychedelic Baby was also played and the great song Time the Time and Mirror Mirror. They closed the set with a long version of Tag solen Ned. (take the sun down). The band is planning on recording a new record in 2012.

          Siena Root hit the stage at 21:15 and played more or less the same set they did on the entire tour but dropping a few songs like Rasayana. They had a new instrumental intro track that leads into the Rat from the 1st record. The set is very balanced in general with material from all the band’s records. Waiting for the Sun is an excellent track and the new singer, Chrissi sounded it really good even though she had a cold. She is from a German band called White Rabbit Dynamite. They also had a new female sound person who was excellent. Sound is very good in BETA and a good size place holding 150 people.  The long sitar piece Bhimpalasi was really cool but the highlight for me was the performance of most of WE from their Different Realities LP. I also made a video of this so see below. The band cut the set a bit short on this night and only did two more songs including Good and Bad and the encore Ridin’ Slow. I had hoped to hear Jungle Funk but no luck… Great show and excellent band. The new members on this tour were very good, with Eric getting plenty of space for playing the organ in many of the tracks. Great night.

Set List: Intro number, The Rat, Waiting for the Sun, Just another Day, Bhimpalasi, the Summer is Old, WE, Good and Bad, Ridin’ Slow

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monster Magnet and Black Spiders- Lille Vega, Copenhagen 19/11/11

Monster Magnet were back in town. Last time they were here 2 years ago on the Mastermind tour, they played at Loppen. I sadly missed that show as it was a Sunday but I saw the show in Malmö and hung out with the band and Dave for an hour alone. Anyway, I showed up at Lille Vega and ran into one of the guys from the opening act, (Tiger, the drummer) and he let me in so I went up stairs and talked with Tim Cronin for a while and he was looking great, having lost 100 pounds! He took me to the backstage room and I met up with Bob, Garrett and Jim, who were hanging out. Phil came a bit later. Had a coke and we talked about all their different band projects. Riotgod have a new CD out now and are coming to Europe in Feb for a 2-3 week tour. So far no Scandinavian dates had been booked. Atomic Bitchwax will be back in Europe in April. Phil said he and Todd had like 15 songs that they were planning to record in Jan and Feb to pull together the first Capricorn record. Phil said he and Dave had also made demos for tracks for a new Monster Magnet record that they hope to start recording in April- May next year. Monster Magnet will play Wacken in Germany in 2012 and do some other dates around that next August.  That’s the insider news I can talk about.

          The soundcheck was fun as they played almost a complete version of Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy. Garrett plays in a band in New Jersey that plays rock covers so he can kick into any number of fun tracks. They did some Monster Magnet tracks as well and Tim did the vocals since Dave does not do soundchecks. That was fun. Afterwards, Bob, Garrett and I headed out to get some food and went down Istegade (this is a mainstreet running down into the red light district behind the main train station). We had some really nice food at the Istegade’s Apotek. They went back to get a nap and I went over to visit a friend who lives on Istegade.

Black Spiders (UK)

          I came back about 15 mins to 21 so I could catch Black Spiders. I had been chatting a bit with these UK guys and they were super cool people. The place was pretty packed, even with Clutch also playing tonight in town and that was sold out. 10 years ogo or more, I would have known a lot of people at a Monster Magnet concert but those people hard ever go to shows anymore, home with the kids, etc… Anyway, Black Spiders really rocked the place. They have the attitude of a punk rock band but really rock out like a mix of a bit of AC/DC and say Dozer (Swedish stoner rock). They played 30 mins and gave it 100%. Crowd really liked them. Top guys as well.

          Monster Magnet started just after 10 and I thought they would play Dopes from start to finish but they actually totally changed the order and started with a totally spaced out version of Vertigo, the last track on the record. Dave said back in 1994 they used to open with this but only did it for about 10 shows. I was at one of them at Pearl Street in Northampton, MA. Anyway, it was really psyched out, heavy and very cool. Sound mix was excellent as well, Loud, lots of delay on his voice and Dave’ making all the space sounds with his rack of delay and effects pedals was cool. I Fly was really heavy also as the next song. Then Look for your Orb for the answer, as a bit disappointing for me as in the old days this was much longer and jamming with long guitar solos and they basically got rid of that now and it is like 5 mins. The crowd went wild when they kicked into Dopes for Infinity. Powerful stuff. Dave’s voice was fantastic. The highlight of the Dopes set for me was hearing I talk to Planets and Third Alternative (one of my all time favourite MM songs, also Dave’s!). IT was very massive. The band is playing really fantastic these days. King of Mars ended the main set and was totally spaced out at the end and really quite long. Wow. So the main set finished and they had played the entire record except Negasonic Teenage Warhead and sure enough it was the first encore track. The set list said Five years ahead of my Time but sadly, they skipped it this night. Hallucination Bomb was pretty cool and the only recent song they played. We got the expected tracks Powertrip and Space Lord to end the show. A really excellent concert for me. I had a great time.

Set List: Vertigo,  I control, I Fly, Look to your Orb, Dopes to Infinity, All Friends and Kingdom Come, Ego-The Living Planet, Blow em Off, Dead Christmas, Third Alternative, Masterbuner, King of Mars. Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Hallucination Bomb, Powertrip, Space Lord

          Afterwards, I had a backstage pass (thanks Jim!) and could hang out with some nice ladies and the guys. Dave was pretty busy reuniting with a wonderful Swedish girl from Lund, whom I had met a few times before. I did speak to him and he actually told me that he did sit down and listen to the entire Oresund Space Collective Sleeping with the Sunworm CD I gave him last time and he loved it! Thanks Dave.. It was a great night. Wonderful, cool and very down to earth people! See ya next time guys..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Siena Root- Root Jam (Transubstans Records)

The Stockholm 70s rock band, Siena Root has finally released their promised double live record and it is great. Over the past several years the band has been making analog recordings of many of their concerts to try to capture the perfect performance for each of the tracks that make up their evolving live set with a different cast of singers appearing all the time. In the end, they were not satisfied and set up 3 nights in Stockholm at the Walla Scen and this is where all but two of the tracks is recorded at a different acoustic show. The LP features the singer from their first record (Oscar), Sanya is the primary singer and sounds great. The LP opens with an introduction and the band kick right into The Rat from their first record with Sanya singing. Next up is Waiting for the Sun and features Stian Grimstad on sitar. They have not always played this one with live sitar and this is a really jammed out version! Bhimpalsi is an instrumental song with Stian on sitar and KG on organ. It has a really cool bass groove and melodic elements and a great jam. Into the Woods another from the 1st record and features Oskar on passionate vocals as well as a wood flute solo (Anna Sandberg) and Tangman on hurdy Gurdy to make it very cool. Words is the next track and also from the first record and features Oskar and Maxi dread on guitar. The next two songs are acoustic (Trippin’ and Bharavi Thumri) and change the vibe and energy of the record but are really fantastic and feature Jonas Ahlen on vocals. I have never heard this singer before with Siena Root. Bharavi features KG on sitar and Love on duf and Sam on derbuka. Dreams of Tomorrow features Jonas Ahlen on vocals, with a more husky but also nice bluesy voice and goes back to the heavy and dynamic rock as the band really rips this one up! This features KG and Maxi Dread on guitars. Long way from Home starts off with an organ introduction by KG and is very Uriah Heep inspired for those who know the song. The band add violin as well and Johan also sings this song. The record ends in a totally jamming style with long work outs of Rasayana (Stian back on sitar) and Reverberations. I love the guitar riff that kicks in on Rasayana at 3mins. The band really takes off in the end part with a great guitar solo. Reverberations is the longest track at 16mins and a great way to end. Listen to the crowd…

          The release is a double CD (about 90mins) and double vinyl. This is for sure one of the best releases this year and it has a fantastic sound production. I think is fair for me to say that this is not what the band is always sounding like when you hear them on tour as they rarely have flute, violin or more than one vocalist and they don’t usually stretch out and jam as much on some of the songs as they do here. Probably Sweden’s best band! Catch them on tour in Europe in November. Copenhagen on Nov 27th (I will be the DJ!). 

Causa Sui- Pewt’r Sessions Vol 2 (El Paraiso Records EPR006)

This is the latest record from the all instrumental psychedelic rock, jazz space out group, Causa Sui. I believe this is the last in this Pewt’r sessions that will be released that was recorded a few years back and features Ron Schniederman from Sunburned hand of the Man. The back of the record features a quote from Brian Eno and a long passage by Henry Miller! Anyway, side A starts with a slow building and spacey track called Garden of Forking Paths. A really moody and spacey track and Ron plays some really psychedelic guitar to contrast the more krautrock and melodic elements of Jonas. Amazing stuff. This material is more natural and spacey and free form than the Summer Sessions material which was more composed but also some jamming parts. The side B is two 11 min tracks starting with Gelassenheit. It slowly fades up as the drums and bass start things and then the guitars and spacey synths ease their way into the jam. It really picks up and the mix of the clean guitar and the spacey fuzzed out one is pretty cool and jess plays some awesome bass. Brassica Blues closes the records and is hardly what you would call traditional blues. It is very spaced out loose noodley blues jam. Fantastic record. This record as all the Causa Sui records is already getting hard to find and is only pressed in 500 copies. A single sleeve repress will come out next year with both records from this session.

Motorpsycho- Strings of Stromp (Live at Effenaar) LP

Motorpsycho played a concert at the Effenaar venue in Holland to celebrate 40 years of live music at this venue and the band has played their many times. They decided to release a vinyl only record available only at this gig of live recordings they have made from this venue over the years. I think it was only pressed in 500 copies and you could only get it at the show. I was not there but got very lucky to get a copy of this record! Anyway, side A starts off with a super cool version of Psychonaut (still played often today) from May 7th, 1999. The version has a lot of energy and Bent is really passionate in his vocals. The mix is not super clean but pretty raw which adds to the power of this one. Going to California which features a long piano solo by Snah is also realy good. I always liked thjs song.  Flip the record over and the tracks come from a gig on May 23rd, 2010. It starts off with Whole Lotta Diana but the band is in a fucking jamming and intense mood on this record side and really flying. A mellow track called Come on In is next but then not listed on the record, the band kick into a killer version of Sheer Heart Attack by Queen (I read recorded in May 2006)! They say it is the first time they ever played it! Great record.. I am so happy I got a copy.

Ozric Tentacles- Paper Monkeys (Snapper Music)

It has been about 3 years since the last Ozric Tentacles record and I used to anticipate these records with sure dedication of the hardcore fan but the last few records show the Ed Wynee project heading into a more and more electronic area and away from rock music, so I have lost interest in a lot in this band that used to be one of my favorites. Don’t get me wrong, many of their records are all time classics for me but the music they make today does not really hit the spot for me. The band has moved into being a new age psychedelic electronic band with a bit of rock. Anyway, the CD starts off with a intense track called Attack of the Vapours with wild programmed beats and drums and sound effects. Ed plays some cool guitar but it is mixed way to the back and panned all around. As his guitar fades away it becomes almost all electronic and then the new age synth section takes over with uptempo percussion and programmed drums. Lemon Kush is also highly electronic but has a pretty cool bass line that sounds like a mix of electro bass and real bass. The drums also sound like a mix of real (very thin) and programmed. The synth line that drives the track is pretty cool. Ed’s guitar kicks in about 2½ mins in and has a really cool effect on it but that lasts 20secs and disappears again and back to nearly totally electronic music. This has cool and interesting sections and a high energy on this track but not a lot of guitar. Another guitar solo kicks in at 4½ mins for 45 seconds and cool to hear Ed experimenting with more effects on his guitar. Flying Machines starts with synthesizers and is a sort of new age spiritual synth trip with a bit of psyched out guitar thrown in here and there. Sounds like Ed could have made this one entirely on his own. A sort of trance like part and even a brief electronic flute precedes Ed next guitar solo section. This brief section reminds you of Erpland days but all too briefly. The song ends in a very techno electro fashion: Instruments sound very synthesized and not very organic. Knurl starts with some percussion and Brandi kicks in with a bass line and some drums and then at 50 seconds the synthesizers start another like pan flute like new age arpeggiation and Ed enters with some guitar very briefly. There is a nice short sitar section (probably not real as it was not listed as an instrument). This is one they might be able to play live. Right now on the tour Paper Monkeys is the only song they play live from this record. At 4½ mins Ed comes in with another sweeping solo for 45 seconds and then the pan flute like synths return. Lost in the Sky is the longest track so far at just over 7 mins and starts with very new age synths again but Ed kicks in with the guitar quite early as Brandi lays the deep bass line and Oli follows with the drums. It is totally unclear what Silas (Ed’s son) contributes since they play very similar synths and Ed is most likely playing most of them on the records. This track has the most guitar by far so far of any song and another they could attempt live to freshen up their set. The guitar drops out at 3 mins and it is all synths, bass and drums for 1½mins and then Ed comes back with a solo for 30 seconds and back to the melodic electronic techno like stuff. A real synth solo is played at around 6 mins that is pretty cool. Paper Monkeys is next and my favourite track on the record as it reminds me a bit more of the older days OT. It has a bit harder edge and the drums are mixed more like a rock band and not so thin and electronic. At 3mins the guitar falls out and Ed takes the solo synths and plays a normal OT like section and then a really spaced out solo sound that is really cool before the guitar returns and Ed kicks into solo mode again.  Plowm is another track with a lot of guitar that they could probably play live. A very high energy track with spacey psychedelic guitar, a driving synth rhythm and smooth stoned floating bass line. The Will of the Wisps is the longest track at over 10mins and starts very slowly with lots of beautiful new age floating synths and some basic drums and a nice bass line. There is an almost flute like synth (this is where Jon would have been playing in the past) section. It slowly builds up and you keep expecting Ed to kick in with his usual predictable short solo and disappear but he does not until the 9½ min and then only for like 15 seconds! It has a very funky ending. The CD closes with the beautiful spacey new age track that sounds a lot like Nodens Ictus called Air City. Ed is still the master of sound that stimulates your brain like few others can but the music is just too electronic and lacking in a human nature some how but great for psychedelic head trips … Shpongle fans will also dig this a lot as OT have a lot in common with Shpongle these days.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats- Blood Lust (Rise above Records)

 I was very lucky to get one of the 350 of these pressed on purple vinyl (thanks Nils!) without a proper record sleeve and just a very simple thick two sided printed paper stuffed into a plastic bag with the record. Very simple, very rare and expensive now! Anyway, I have to say this is a pretty cool and low fi, garage, heavy rock record. The voice is a bit strange but you grow into it and the songs are pretty catchy and interesting. The opening track is called I’ll cut you down and it is pretty catchy with a simple repetitive guitar riff but it really grooves. Death’s Door is a long song and slows things down but has the same feel as the first track and it is pretty hypnotic like old Sabbath and also good melodic parts. The mid section has some lead guitar that pans back and forth (it is a stereo recording!). Over and Over Again reminds me of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath era Black Sabbath. This song sadly fades out way too early. Curse in the Trees is a slower more Doomy track but it also has a cool groove as well. Flip the record over and it starts off with I’m here to Kill You! It is a more uptempo track with a nice melodic guitar riff and a bit more distant vocal but still very low fi drums and not a lot of bass (on any of the tracks). The guitar break is great with synth and guitar solos over and under each other. 13 Candles has almost the same groove as the opening track to start but is a longer more developed track. Ritual Knife has a very cool tribal style drumming as the song slowly builds up some tension and mystery before the guitar break. Withered hand of Evil closes this debut record by this mysterious group (Uncle Acid- Guitar, vocals, synth, mellotron; Red- Drums and voodoo maracas; Kat-Bass). It is another slower track but just as cool as the rest and the only one to feature Mellotron. This is a record that really grows on you.

          I think it is a pity that this is such a low fi and thin sound as the band would be so much more powerful with a better sound production as they have some many great songs. Maybe the next one. Great record. Here is a link for a cool interview as well.


The Bevis Frond- Estate 7” (Respect Vinyl 001)

I have to say when it rains it pours down cool new music, sometimes. This is the 2nd new Bevis Frond release in the last month and this is pressed on vinyl and in only 500 copies. It features 4 tracks from Nick’s archives and these have that nice raw garage sound that we really like. I think it’s Time is a real 60s like pop gem with Nick singing his own backing and harmony vocal. It is primarily organ driven like most of the tracks on this EP. She got me Good has a great fuzz guitar and is also very raw. Life Support is a slower organ driven 60s low fi track that really takes off at the end (maybe a bit cliché but very cool). Tell me when I’m Gone has a clearer bit more snotty vocal and harder edged guitar and I loved this one. This is a very cool 7” and totally different from the new record so enjoy this other side of Mr. Saloman!

Loudness- Eye to Dawn (Tokuma Japan Communications TKCA-73695)

The Japanese band, Loudness is back with another studio album. I have lost count but the band is celebrating 30 years now and has made over 20 records now. This is only the 2nd with the new drummer and again, the band is damn heavy. The CD has 11 tracks in 54 mins and has fantastic artwork, booklet with all the lyrics and a cool Loudness guitar pick in its own special little plastic bag! The opening intro track is really great and features a bit of a spacey vibe as it opens up with acoustic guitar and some sort of eastern string instrument and organ and then the killer riff kicks in to start track 2, The Power of Truth. This is a very intense track with double bass drum, powerful vocals by Minoru. Come alive again starts with a cool bass line and some panning guitar before the main riff kicks in and the band take off at a fast pace. This is a more melodic catchy track but still pretty hard. Survivor is nearly 6 mins long also pretty damn fast with some cool melodic soloing by Akira. Keep you Burning starts with some synthesizer and then the guitar riff kicks in and the guitar section is pretty intense and the synthesizer comes back a few times. It is a quite different twist on the same style. Gonna do it my Way starts with a sort of spoken word vocal over the simple riff. It is like Minoru is trying so sound a bit mean. Not my favourite track but different from all the rest on the record. Hang Tough is another longer track and slows things down a bit and Akira does a lot of soloing before the Slayer like riff kicks in and the band takes off. Track 8 (title is in Japanese) has some super cool parts and great guitar in this long instrumental track. Amazing stuff.  Comes the Dawn is over 7 mins and starts slowly with some interesting guitar and a very heavy deep bass. This is a more simple melodic track at times. Pandora also has a deep heavy bass and slows things down and Akira really rips it up. Crazy crazy crazy ends the CD and is a short 3½ more straight up rocker. Loudness are still playing at the top of their game and demonstrating great musicianship and still rocking harder than ever!

Fjodor- Riding through the Black Hole (2011)

 Fjodor are fromCroatia and been around since 2005 in various line ups and with quite a few different instruments going in and out but the core of bass, drums and guitar are pretty stable. Sometimes they have a synth player or sax or violin. I have had the pleasure to see them live twice here in Denmark and hang out with these nice guys. The band plays instrumental psychedelic groove rock and while they don’t have any physical releases out there are some digital albums available from the band and you can buy a memory stick from the band with both records and some live recording, including one that I made at Loppen in Christiania, Denmark in 2010.

          Riding through the Black Hole is the new record and quite different from their record from 2009 simply called 1. The album starts off with a long 13min and very cool track called Astral Erection and this one reminds me a bit of old Ozric Tentacles (at least the guitar style) and then the synths pad sounds build up and float in and out of the mix as the bass really starts to build. They have an excellent drummer live but this track has some very thin programmed drums to start and then the real drummer comes in (at least I think so?). This long groove repeats over for a long period of time and at 10 mins the guitar player really starts to intensify his playing with wah and delay and gets a really cool spaced out sound as it really flys! Drugs and Dragons starts off very intense and very much like the Croatian band, Seven that Spells. This track the drums sound real and not programmed but still very thin. It is a pretty complex track this one with lots of different parts. Cool stuff. The synths don’t come flying by until half way through. Dzinovi is next and is a more melodic track to start and then the riff changes and the energy really increases and builds in intensity and then the guitar player really takes off with a cool solo at 2 mins. The bass player is really pushing it as well. Pity the drum sound is so thin and distant. The synths also float in later. The Black Hole starts with a complex like jazz rock beginning and then it comes down and a guitar solo takes us to the next section and the synth sounds (he does not play lead stuff, just sounds, pads, floating textures) enter in as the bass and drums keep the intensity high. They revisit the earlier riff as well. Tsunami is the 18 min closer of the record and starts slowly with the band finding their space as a freakout guitar fades up from the left and water sounds flow over the soundscape before the drums and bass really kick in at 3½ mins and the ozrics like delay guitar starts off. The band really flies at times on this track. Very cool band, I just wish the sound of the recording was better as this does not really represent the band based on the live shows I have seen. We made a multitrack recording of their show from Kildemose Festival this summer and they played all of these songs live. Lets see how that comes out when it is mixed. Check the band out on the web. They plan to tour all over Europe in 2012.

Titan- Pacific Living cassette (Who can you Trust 05)

Titan is a New York based psychedelic band who have made some pretty damn cool releases. This is a cassette only release of 4 tracks recorded live in a radio studio in 2008. Three of the four tracks are from their record, A Raining Sun Of Light & Love, For You & You & You, and the last track, Highlands of Orick, is perhaps a new song since it is not listed on any of their records at Hashishins Ohel starts this off and this is a real progressive rock work out with complex guitar and organ interactions before the track really spins itself out into more psychedelic territory and the organ is really freaked out and spacey first and then the guitar follows. Wow… Obelisk Orbit Overdrive seems to come out of Hashishin and starts slowly and spacey as well with lots of electronics as something starts to brew underneath and then the drums kick in hard and fast and the spacey guitar jam takes off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The organ comes back in the last 3rd when the intensity drops and the band head into a different realm of space. A really great space rock track and quite psychedelic. Good mix by whoever mixed it. Flip the tape over and you get Afruf der Pilz. This also a very organ driven, dynamic and complex song. Reminds me a bit of a more psychedelic Siena Root at times but they jam and space out in a totally more far out way than Siena Root. The organ solo and guitar section is really psychedelic stuff. They come back to the main theme and then really slow it down and float out into space. The next section is quite dynamic as well and more flanged out and space rock like before it comes way down to a drone as it fades nearly out before coming up with a familiar bass line and organ as it builds and ends. The last track starts quite upbeat and complex with a lot of interaction between the bass and organ then it takes off in an organ driven fashion once again. A really ripping guitar solo is played in this one as the bass player just lays down the killer lines when the organ playing draws back. Wow.. This is a totally killer tape and probably one of my favourite releases I have heard this year. Really jamming stuff. Fans of Astra will like this although there are no lyrics.  

Trouble- Live 1983 (High Roller Records HR185)

This is a really killer release if you are a fan of Trouble. I am pretty sure I have this on an old cassette tape but it has been cleaned up and sounds pretty damn good, except a few places where someone talks quite close to the microphones. The band play all their first record except the Fall of Lucifer including Confused by Angelwitch, Son of a Bitch by Accept and rarely heard songs like Wickedness of Man! I don’t have much else to say about this one except to recommend it. I have really enjoyed it. I think it is pressed in only 500 copies. 100 on white vinyl!

Candlemass- Doomology Box Set (High Rollers Records)

This is a fucking cool box set. I managed to get one of the ones on silver black blend editions (only 300 copies) and the box includes a slipmat for your turntable with the Candlemass skull, large concert poster from a gig in Uppsala Sweden, 12 page LP sized booklet plus the 7 records I list below!

LP 1: Live Jonkoping 5/9 1987 (First gig ever and decent sound quality and Messiah is only developing his voice as well).
LP 2: Live Buckley Tivoli 17/11 1988  (I collected old Candlemass bootlegs in the old days but never had this concert of the Buckley Tivoli show from 1988. One year later the band are really tighter, and more powerful and some rarely played songs on this double vinyl set. It is a soundboard recording and the vocals are too loud but other than that the sound is good)
LP 3: Live Buckley Tivoli 17/11 1988
LP 4: White Album Demos 2003-2004
LP 5: White Album Demos 2003-2004/Live 1990
LP 6: King Of The Grey Island Demos 2006 (vocals Mats Leven) Studio outtakes except nr 7... M.L. home demo
LP 7: Misc Demos 1992 - 2008

          The demos are not all the interesting unless you focus on the vocals and singing as your favourite thing about Candlemass as musically the demo songs are very close to the final versions, even down to the guitar solos. A very high class set from High Rollers, a label that really knows how to make records. Rumor has it that Candlemass will only make one more record and call it a day. We will see. One of the greatest Swedish bands ever.