Monday, November 28, 2011

Siena Root and Syreregn live at BETA, Copenhagen 11/27/11

This was the last night of Siena Root’s European tour in support of their new double live record, Root Jam. Sadly, there was problems with the artwork so the vinyl version was not ready for the tour. They did have the very nice double CD digipack version though. The band arrived over an hour late due to fierce winds we were having that delayed the ferry between Germany and Denmark. I arrived at the BETA at 17:15 after a hellish bike ride due to the strong winds. I was the DJ tonight and they were setting up the DJ booth when I arrived and Siena Root was soundchecking the drums. I went around and said hello and met the new singer (Chrissi) and organ player (Eric). I had hoped more people would show up tonight but with this weather and Saxon and Anvil playing next door, it was not likely.

          Sygeregn, who I guested with back in August, started at 19:30 and there were about 30 people. They played really cool set and this is a band that is getting more confident and playing fantastic. They played a couple of new songs tonight one of which I made a video of (See below). Psychedelic Baby was also played and the great song Time the Time and Mirror Mirror. They closed the set with a long version of Tag solen Ned. (take the sun down). The band is planning on recording a new record in 2012.

          Siena Root hit the stage at 21:15 and played more or less the same set they did on the entire tour but dropping a few songs like Rasayana. They had a new instrumental intro track that leads into the Rat from the 1st record. The set is very balanced in general with material from all the band’s records. Waiting for the Sun is an excellent track and the new singer, Chrissi sounded it really good even though she had a cold. She is from a German band called White Rabbit Dynamite. They also had a new female sound person who was excellent. Sound is very good in BETA and a good size place holding 150 people.  The long sitar piece Bhimpalasi was really cool but the highlight for me was the performance of most of WE from their Different Realities LP. I also made a video of this so see below. The band cut the set a bit short on this night and only did two more songs including Good and Bad and the encore Ridin’ Slow. I had hoped to hear Jungle Funk but no luck… Great show and excellent band. The new members on this tour were very good, with Eric getting plenty of space for playing the organ in many of the tracks. Great night.

Set List: Intro number, The Rat, Waiting for the Sun, Just another Day, Bhimpalasi, the Summer is Old, WE, Good and Bad, Ridin’ Slow

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