Thursday, November 3, 2011

Causa Sui- Pewt’r Sessions Vol 2 (El Paraiso Records EPR006)

This is the latest record from the all instrumental psychedelic rock, jazz space out group, Causa Sui. I believe this is the last in this Pewt’r sessions that will be released that was recorded a few years back and features Ron Schniederman from Sunburned hand of the Man. The back of the record features a quote from Brian Eno and a long passage by Henry Miller! Anyway, side A starts with a slow building and spacey track called Garden of Forking Paths. A really moody and spacey track and Ron plays some really psychedelic guitar to contrast the more krautrock and melodic elements of Jonas. Amazing stuff. This material is more natural and spacey and free form than the Summer Sessions material which was more composed but also some jamming parts. The side B is two 11 min tracks starting with Gelassenheit. It slowly fades up as the drums and bass start things and then the guitars and spacey synths ease their way into the jam. It really picks up and the mix of the clean guitar and the spacey fuzzed out one is pretty cool and jess plays some awesome bass. Brassica Blues closes the records and is hardly what you would call traditional blues. It is very spaced out loose noodley blues jam. Fantastic record. This record as all the Causa Sui records is already getting hard to find and is only pressed in 500 copies. A single sleeve repress will come out next year with both records from this session.

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