Friday, October 27, 2023

Acid Rooster- Flowers and Dead Souls (Tonzonen Records TON158)

This German band have been around for a few years (since 2016) but I never got around to listening to them until this year.  This album was recorded in 2022 by the three piece instrumental band and each side features 3 tracks.  THe CD starts off with Sounds of Illusion.  A nice smooth groove and lots of spaced out effects on the guitar. Max, the bass player handles all the synths (not sure how they do it live) which adds nicely to the psychedelic mix. On the Run really increases the intensity. Really cool the way the synth is mixed in this one and the way it ends.  Schattenspiel starts with a synth loop and then the drums and bass join the groove as the guitar spaces out.  Nice spacey synth and great long guitar solo on this one. 

Side B /track 4) starts with Dead Bodies and features a twangy guitar and a mid to fast pace that really builds in a cool way. Good Mourning is more relaxed and the focus in on the guitar with a synth drone and nice bass notes that cut thru a bit more than on other songs.  Heaven Scent ends this trippy cool spacey musical adventure that you can just drift off into another world with. 

If you are a fan of Kombyant Robotron, Zone Six and other instrumental trios, you will probably dig this psychedelic kraut trip rock.. Great stuff.. The band has 6 releases on bandcamp, mostly sold out but you can hear the streaming stuff..