Friday, September 21, 2018

Antrhoprophh- SRR 2.5: Special Love Songs for Hard Working People in Alarm Clock Britian (Creepy Crawl Recordings CC05)

I have never heard any albums by this band but I recall it was a crazy show at Roadburn.  I have to say these are totally far out instrumental love song guitar freak outs. The opening track, Jan Birth Jam, has some of the most nasty guitar playing I have heard in a long time. A very tortured, noisy, in your face sound, while the band just pounds a way in the distance. It was recorded live in the rehearsal space. Side B features 3 tracks, the first of which is called No one likes You. This one has vocals over the intense drumming and layers of guitar freakout. Pig Squealer is another one live from the rehearsal room and another freak rocker with some far out vocals and just nastness to it. Song for a King is totally different with a spoken word over a simple drum and some really bizzare synths and other strange sounds. The LP ends with Cardinal Drag, which is pretty trippy stuff with some acoustic guitar, druggy vocals and fuzz guitar and other bizzare sounds to fuck up your mind.. Do not get too stoned when listening to this record, it could be dangerous to your health!

Sherpa- Tigris & Euphrates (Sulatron Records st1805-2)

Sherpa is an Italian band that plays some really nice relaxed floating music. The band was formed in 2014 and this is the 2nd album on Sulatron Records.  This is an album born as a concept around the evolution of the human being. All the songs are focused on the evolution of human language through the eras and how language has deeply changed the relationship between people, for better or for worst. It is released on vinyl and CD. 

Kim(((o)))                         07:25
Creatures from Ur                                              06:38
Equiseto                                                                  05:21
Abscent To The Mother Language                07:53
Overwhelmed                                                       07:36
Descent Of Inanna To The Underworld       07:43

The music flows and glides and is based a lot of repetitive guitar sections and some nice releaxed vocals. The band go from clean to highly effected vocals at times. A very enjoyable and relaxing record to float away to.

Emigrantes (Immigrants)- Experiências de vida no Universo Metálico Português by Dico

I was very honoured to be included in this book and also to speak at one of the several book release parties. This is Dico’s 3rd book on the subject of metal in Portugal. This book is quite interesting and examines the experiences of foreign musicians living in Portugal (like myself, Jeff “mantas” Dunn of Venom Inc, , and Marsten Bailey (Music producer), and Veronica Setterhall (V-Kaos, Mother of the Hydra). 

He also interviews a number of Portuguese musicians who live or have lived abroad and asks about their experiences living abroad compared to living in Portugal. These include King Demogorgon, Mike Gaspar (Moonspell), Aires Pereira (Moonspell), Rodrigo Leal (Hot Stuff), Sérgio Crestana (Moonspell), João Alexandre (Iberia), and many more.

There are 15 interviews in the section called Guitarras de cartão (Card Guitars, is the literal translation but it must mean something else in Portuguese as not all the people in this section are guitar players.

Rumo a um paraiso à beira-mar (Towards a paradise by the Sea) is the 2nd chapter when most of the foreigners are included.  I wish I could read Portuguese better as this looks to be a very interesting book. At this time there is no plan for an English edition.

The cost for the book is: 18,50 € (inside Portugal), 24,50 € (European Union / community Europe) and / and 29,50 € for the rest of the world / rest of the Word. Postage included / Email orders to:

Over-Gain Optimal Death- More Hearing (Creepy Crawl Recordings )

I have never heard of this hard rocking trio from California. Their first release is from 2014 and this album was released in June of this year (2018). The opening track, Disillusion is a hard psych rocker with a raw vocal and some nasty fuzz wah guitar and a hard driving rhythm. I am You starts with some insanity on all instruments before the noise clears and the main riff of the track kicks in. The sound production is very raw and nasty when you have this cranked up loud, almost on the edge of distortion, just like the band wants it!  The singer reminds me of the singer from Rogue Male. This gets pretty psychedelic in the middle with some effects on the vocals and wild in your face guitar solos. Narcost ends the side A and turns up the distortion as this is some nasty sounding shit with crazy aggression. If you dare to turn over the record and go further  there are two more tracks.

These guys are a more nasty, noisy version of Blue Cheer with a bone to chew with the government!! Music to have your skull crushed to.

Comes with a lyric sheet insert and is pressed in 500 copies on black vinyl.

Ufo over Lappland (Sulatron Records st1804)

UFO over Lappland are bunch of Swedish guys from the North (Umeå). I met them at Roadburn Festival a few years back. Might of got a CD-R from them or something. Anyway, this is a re-release of their debut which first only appeared on a cassette tape (3 different pressings).  The CD version includes an unreleased track called Lemmy on the Beach.  Anyway, the music is really cool instrumental space rock stuff with a lot of repetitive parts and grooves.  I would have liked some more wild solos at times but just lay back, smoke a spliff and have a nice ride and keep your eyes out for the UFOs!! 

Keep On Keepin On Space Truckin                12:17
JaEDeJaE                                                      06:51
Podzol                                                                       10:40
Nothing that lives has... such eyes!              09:18
Lemmy on the beach                                          11:21