Friday, September 21, 2018

Over-Gain Optimal Death- More Hearing (Creepy Crawl Recordings )

I have never heard of this hard rocking trio from California. Their first release is from 2014 and this album was released in June of this year (2018). The opening track, Disillusion is a hard psych rocker with a raw vocal and some nasty fuzz wah guitar and a hard driving rhythm. I am You starts with some insanity on all instruments before the noise clears and the main riff of the track kicks in. The sound production is very raw and nasty when you have this cranked up loud, almost on the edge of distortion, just like the band wants it!  The singer reminds me of the singer from Rogue Male. This gets pretty psychedelic in the middle with some effects on the vocals and wild in your face guitar solos. Narcost ends the side A and turns up the distortion as this is some nasty sounding shit with crazy aggression. If you dare to turn over the record and go further  there are two more tracks.

These guys are a more nasty, noisy version of Blue Cheer with a bone to chew with the government!! Music to have your skull crushed to.

Comes with a lyric sheet insert and is pressed in 500 copies on black vinyl.

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