Friday, September 21, 2018

Sherpa- Tigris & Euphrates (Sulatron Records st1805-2)

Sherpa is an Italian band that plays some really nice relaxed floating music. The band was formed in 2014 and this is the 2nd album on Sulatron Records.  This is an album born as a concept around the evolution of the human being. All the songs are focused on the evolution of human language through the eras and how language has deeply changed the relationship between people, for better or for worst. It is released on vinyl and CD. 

Kim(((o)))                         07:25
Creatures from Ur                                              06:38
Equiseto                                                                  05:21
Abscent To The Mother Language                07:53
Overwhelmed                                                       07:36
Descent Of Inanna To The Underworld       07:43

The music flows and glides and is based a lot of repetitive guitar sections and some nice releaxed vocals. The band go from clean to highly effected vocals at times. A very enjoyable and relaxing record to float away to.

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