Friday, September 21, 2018

Ufo over Lappland (Sulatron Records st1804)

UFO over Lappland are bunch of Swedish guys from the North (Umeå). I met them at Roadburn Festival a few years back. Might of got a CD-R from them or something. Anyway, this is a re-release of their debut which first only appeared on a cassette tape (3 different pressings).  The CD version includes an unreleased track called Lemmy on the Beach.  Anyway, the music is really cool instrumental space rock stuff with a lot of repetitive parts and grooves.  I would have liked some more wild solos at times but just lay back, smoke a spliff and have a nice ride and keep your eyes out for the UFOs!! 

Keep On Keepin On Space Truckin                12:17
JaEDeJaE                                                      06:51
Podzol                                                                       10:40
Nothing that lives has... such eyes!              09:18
Lemmy on the beach                                          11:21

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