Monday, April 10, 2023

Glitter Wizard- Kiss the Boot EP (Kitten Robot Records)

Eclectic SF Bay area band are back with a new rockin´ EP, going back to more of their glam rock roots and shorter more direct tracks including a cool Bowie cover…  This was recorded over a weekend in Los Angeles at the record label´s studio.  Then another weekend to do some overdubs and mix!  It starts off wtih She´s a Star!  It is a fast paced rock and roll number, a mix of GW own strange and funny parts and then real classic rock. Love the synths on this one. Check out the fun video below. Glitterati packs a lot into this 2.5 min track. The keyboard hook line is crucial to this one. The vocal chorus is so 70s cheese but it works… They back spacey sounds and short guitar solos in so you get it all!! Sequins and Leather slows things down. Flip over the record and you get a bit of Bowie.  One of his well loved songs from the early 70s..  Hard to beat the original but cool version.  Sugar Beat is one of my fave tracks. Something about the mix of the footstomping beat, vocals and that guitar riff!!  Pogo Tonight is a real 70s cheese pop number, that ELO synth, and … well.. you just have to hear it.. Not my fave track….  It is a really fun EP!! Enjoy…

Lorfin Terrafor - guitars and vocals, Wendy Stonehenge - lead vocals , Moon - bass and vocals, Doug Graves - synthesizers and sequencer , Fancy Cymballs - drums and vocals , Screamin’ Lord Duff - vocals , Geoff Yeaton - saxaphone 

This interview is a must read if you dig the band.. You will also learn more about the making of this album., 

Us and Them- We count the Evening Stars (Withdrawn Records 007)

The Swedish Duo, Anders and Britt are back with a short Ep featuring 4 covers songs that the band really like. The band are in a very relaxed mood on this EP. The first is a quite underground track from 1968 by Nick Garrie. It is the only semi-uptempo track with a nice strummed guitar and accented with the Rhodes piano. Lovely sung.  Beachwood Park by the Zombies is next.  It is a very relaxed track with some nice layered vocals on this beautiful track.   Little Girl in Bloom from the first Thin Lizzy record was an interesting choice for the band. It is also based on keyboards, drums and bass except the guitar solo section.  The EP ends with The Garden of Jane Delawney by the TREEs.  The addition of flute is quite nice.  I do not know any of these songs except the Thin Lizzy song but they did very nice versions of all the songs.  Beautiful music.  Check them out!!

Siena Root- Revelation (Atomic Fire Records AFR0076DP)

This is the bands 8th studio album and the first since 2020.  It features 11 original tracks in 47mins… It starts off with Coincidence and Fate, which kicks in with what I would call a signature SR sound now, one you have heard before!!  Powerful female vocals are also a trademark and Zubaida is on her 2nd album with the band but also takes over all keyboard duties as well.. Impressive…  Professional Procrastinator is a funky and very cool track with some great playing and I like this spaced out sound that rises up before the band kicks it up to another level but so sad it ends at 3 mins. Fantastic sound and great to hear the band experiment a bit more!!! No Peace keeps the groove medium pace and the organ plays a bit more of a role in the sound on this one. Less than 3 mins this track! Fighting Gravity is a bit more bluesy. Dusty Roads is an acoustic number with flute by Lisa, and the mood changes a lot, Fantastic vocals. Winter Solstice is another acoustic one but more uptempo. Love the bass line on this track. Lisa is also on this track and Eric (used to be the organ player) also plays on this short track. Dalecarlia Stroll is instrumental and starts with some flute and the bass and organ kick in and disappear and the flute takes the lead again. It gradually gets more heavy and reminds me of Uriah Heep. Leaving the City is another acoustic track with sitar (Stian) and hand drums.  Great song. Little Burden is another relaxed and laid back track. Madukhauns is another sitar lead piece and a bit more traditional Indian inspired in a way.  Love it.. The last track, Keeper of the Flame, is an emotional one and focus on the guitar playing this time before rocking out at the end!!! 

The band deliver a mixture of their core sound but with a bit shorter tracks and solos, then provide a more relaxed vibe but with great songs to show another side of the band.  When you are this many albums out it is can be hard to escape your sound and move forward.  The band have some new ideas for sure but you also know this is Siena Root!!!  Great job folks…