Monday, April 10, 2023

Us and Them- We count the Evening Stars (Withdrawn Records 007)

The Swedish Duo, Anders and Britt are back with a short Ep featuring 4 covers songs that the band really like. The band are in a very relaxed mood on this EP. The first is a quite underground track from 1968 by Nick Garrie. It is the only semi-uptempo track with a nice strummed guitar and accented with the Rhodes piano. Lovely sung.  Beachwood Park by the Zombies is next.  It is a very relaxed track with some nice layered vocals on this beautiful track.   Little Girl in Bloom from the first Thin Lizzy record was an interesting choice for the band. It is also based on keyboards, drums and bass except the guitar solo section.  The EP ends with The Garden of Jane Delawney by the TREEs.  The addition of flute is quite nice.  I do not know any of these songs except the Thin Lizzy song but they did very nice versions of all the songs.  Beautiful music.  Check them out!!

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