Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seven that Spells- Future Retro Spasm (Cosmic Eye EYE006)

As many of you know, 7thatspells is a crazy Croatian band run by mastermind Niko Potocnjak (guitars). The band is changing all the time and I think something like 40 people have been in the band since the start. Anyway, this was recorded in 2009 with a really cool line up that I even got to see play! Sax, bass, drums and guitars, no singing, no bullshit, just intense music.  Olympas starts the journey with a repeated bass thump, while the drummer warms up and slowly the sax takes the lead. Niko is patient and just waiting, standing in the corner watching until he decides it is time to enter and blow minds. Ok.. he actually holds back in this track. G is next and starts with the sax and guitar mirroring each other before the bass really takes the lead and then it switches to Niko playing a very repetitive riff while the sax solos away and they intertwine their lines until they get really tangled up and they both break free in a wild sexual release. Music for wild fucking for sure. Terminus Est closes side A with a very intense drumming and bass playing as Louro (Sax) and Niko musically masturbate in the background. Far out….Side B is something completely different to start with a beautiful long track called The abandoned world of Automata. Slow, steady, with beautiful melodic playing and a long sax solo that leads into the final build up based around a repeated guitar riff and final long solo guitar excursion. Quetzalcoati also another long track and has the intensity of material on the A side and gives the guitar a more upfront take to start with the sax going mad later in the track. The fucking bass playing by Narantxa is also animal like while Stanislav just pounds away at the drums until the orgasmic end.

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