Friday, October 25, 2013

Vidunder and Katla- Stengade 30, København 10/24/13

Stengade 30 used to be a great place to see shows and I am happy to see it is once again a very good place to see bands with excellent sound and a perfect size. For the last 8 years or so they booked mostly reggae, some metal but all the stoner rock and psychedelic rock had disappeared from the bookers minds but now the place is back on track and booking cool shows again. I have been there like 3 times in the last month.. Wow..

          On this Thursday night, there were very few people when I arrived about 21:30 and no one I knew. Rhona, Thor, Tom, Jens, Martin, Anders and Nanna eventually all showed up and I guess there were 25 people who saw Katla and 50 for Vidunder. Katla started at 22:10 and played 4 songs and about a 40 min set of  very cool heavy psychedelic rock with some doomy and jammed out parts. I was really impressed. I filmed the same song as they have on You tube called Wrist watch in a Time Vacuum. I enjoyed the set a lot.

After about 20mins or so Vidunder hit the stage and people just came from now where to create a decent crowd of 50 or so for this young new Swedish trio from Malmö. The band opened the concert with the first track on their CD called Summoning the not Living and ran this into a pretty boring instrumental track (no guitar solo). I filmed the next two tracks, Trees and Threefold both from their debut record. The best song of the night was the closer, In her Grave but again this one sounds like it was written by Witchcraft and sung by Magnus. Way to short a set at 35mins.

The band wears their influences a bit too close and really lack originality in a big way. The songs are nearly all close copies to either Graveyard style sound and vocal or Witchcraft and usually a mix of both. The crowd was enjoying it but it did not hold my attention much as they don’t do any jamming, improvisation and don’t even have an original sound and they had few very interesting or good guitar solos (he is young!). They headlined and played less than 40mins. What the fuck is that? You need to have at least an hour of material if you are going to headline clubs. Don’t you like to play live, why play so short? At least play all your songs and a cover song (please not Witchcraft or Graveyard but someone like Buffalo). Do some jamming or something. The stage is yours take advantage that you are getting to play live for people, have fun, jam, experiment, write new songs, try them out live, but if you are going to spend hours driving setting up and filling the club and you play 35mins. This is just not good enough. Sorry for the rant from this old fucker.. Just keep playing more and try to develop your own style dudes…

Set List: Summoning the not Living, Instrumental, Your Ghost, Trees, Threefold, Asmodeus, Fire, Into her Grave

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