Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monkey3- Birth of Venus 7” (Napalm records)

Monkey3 are back with a new album, the 5th sun and this is one of the tracks from that record. The keyboards have played a larger and larger part in the sound of this band over the last couple of records and this continues here. The track starts heavy and dramatic but then goes into a more floating direction again with the keyboard dominating and almost no guitar for quite a long period before kicking back in as the keyboard which is made to sound like female voice is what grabs your attention as the track builds up again. The B-side is a cover of the Black Sabbath song called Zero the Hero from the Born Again record. It features Niklas Sjöberg on vocals from the Swedish band Graviators! Musically the band stick with the main guitar riff but db adds in a lot of cool synth effects that make this quite psychedelic. Niklas’s voice is not really in the same league as Gillan though but he really gives it his all. Fucking awesome stuff and worth the cost of the 7” alone…

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