Thursday, October 24, 2013

Manthra Dei- Manthara Dei (Acid Cosmonaut Records ACD-003)

Manthra Dei is a project that has being going on since 2009 and it is four Italian guys playing all instrumental psychedelic stoner rock. That the simplest description but there is a lot of layers to their sound and moods but they try to keep it also heavy! The CD starts off with Stone Face. This sets the mood and reminds me of Karma to Burn and Rotor at times but also a slight My Sleeping Karma vibe (but luckily not too much). Xoloti is slower and features the spacey organ playing of Paolo. The other Paolo in the band plays the guitars and has a really nice longish solo in this track before the track really picks up and rocks for the last several minutes with some killer guitar riffs. Legendary Lamb is a more groovy tune and features the drummer Michele on vocals and so cool double tracked guitars. Urjammer is a 5mins organ improvisation that is slowly modulating but not all that interesting in the end. Blue Phantom is the main piece of music on this CD, clocking in at over 17mins. It starts off with a slow spacey intro with a keyboard drone and some nice guitar playing. The piece floats for the first 4 mins and then the drums and a mean ass guitar riff kicks in and then you have some organ and also some synths and a totally cool and twisted sounding guitar. The organ solo is super cool and sometimes out of control as the guitar riff is just repeated over and over and over. I won’t give up all the surprises but this is a very cool song. The CD ends with an acoustic reprise of the opening track. This will also come out on vinyl in 300 copies, I am pretty sure…

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