Thursday, October 24, 2013

Papir meets Electric Moon- The Papirmoon Sessions (Sulatron st1302-2)

The night that these jams were recorded I was at home and got a call that my good friend Ralph Rjeily had passed away. I was going to come out and join these guys but it pretty much shattered my evening and I called up Mogens and let him know the bad news. Everyone in Electric Moon and Papir knew Ralph. He was an important part of the Copenhagen music scene. Anyway, even with the sad news inhand, the jam session was going to go on and did and now you can hear at least what they thought were the coolest parts. The players on this session were all of the members of Papir (Christian, Christoffer and Nicklas), Sula, Komet and Mogens (ØSC, The Univerzals). The opening piece is dedicated to Ralph (the entire CD actually) and is called Farewell Mr. Space Echo. It starts with a slow modulating organ, simple guitar line and a bit of a sad depressing atmosphere. It slowly opens up at the drums build up and Mogens creates a lot of modular bubbles and the guitars become more active. I am not sure there are two unique bass lines so Lulu is most likely making effects, even though it seems more like her kind of bass playing then Christians?  It eventually builds up into a really killer space rock jam track. Phew… Red Dust is 6 mins long and starts with some delay guitar and a slow building theme before Nicklas enters in with the 2nd guitar and then some spacey layers of synths also float in and out. Pretty spacey stuff. The Circle is 21mins long and closes this first trip by these cool bands. This one features Christian on the bass for sure! There is almost a happy theme at times on this track and it is another uptempo piece and it takes a while for the two guitar players to bring their lines together but then at 4mins it is all faded down and a totally new spacey piece begins and it takes quite some time before it really picks up but a nice psychedelic vibe slowly builds and then it really lets loose with killer guitar. Cool stuff. This is pressed in 1000 copies on CD and 1000 on vinyl (red or black vinyl, 500 each).

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