Saturday, November 2, 2013

Föllakzod and Papir- Stengade 30, København, Denmark 11/1/13

I had not expected to go out to a show tonight and did not know anything about this but a Greek friend tipped me off and sure enough a lot of my friends (Tom, Sven, Jens, Christina, martin) were all there as well. When I arrived a little after 21, the Papir guys were just standing around and we talked for a bit and the band from Chile had not even arrived yet! I had hoped to be able to bring them the new ØSC record, that they also all played on but it sadly did not arrive today as expected.

          Around 22 Papir hit the stage and it was clear they had a lot of young local fans and some family into see them play. They opened with a new song, which was different from the new one they played opening for White Hills in September. The set was a cool mix of old and new and included one jam towards the end of the set. The crowd was really into it and the sound was excellent and not too loud. The guy doing lights tonight actually had a good idea what to do and did cool lights for Papir. The last 4 shows I have been to it has been a guy who basically just knows how to turn the switches but understands nothing about doing lights in the dynamics and mood of the band. Great set, about 50mins long.

          It took a while, perhaps 45-60mins before Föllakzoid was set up since they arrived so late. There was still a lot of people and the mood was good and the lights blue with a lot of fog for almost the entire show. He had used a lot of red for Papir but none for this band. Anyway, this 4 piece band from Chile (young) play very repetitive groove music in the vein of Neu, Mazerati, Wooden Shjips, White Manna, Monomyth, etc. I can easily describe one of the songs and this will cover the entire concert as every song was nearly the same with slight differences. The guitar player is very good at playing cool delay guitar. The drummer and bass player really groove well together. The bass player does the singing in this sort of effected laid back way, very much like the Wooden Shjips guy does and it is mixed into the music in quite the same way as well. The synth guy makes mostly drones and repeated loops of sounds in time with the groove. All the songs are probably around 10mins and take you on this smooth cruising journey. They really need projections to go along with each one. I thought it was cool but the band simply never reaches any peaks in their music and I really need this to take me to the next level. They just cruise with some change in dynamic and when they do build up a bit they never head into a killer guitar solo or a massive freakout or anything to reach a crescendo. They played this song from their new record called Pulsar and it has a groove a lot like You shouldn’t do that from Hawkwind but they never really took it to the higher level. Still I enjoyed the concert and with visual projections it would have been even better. No idea what the set list was but from hearing their vinyl, they played all of these songs and for about 75mins.

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