Friday, November 22, 2013

NYMF- From the Dark (Transubstans TRANS115-666)

NYMF are back with their 2nd record. This band features the fantastic and intense vocalist, Niklas, who also sings in the Graviators. This CD features 13 tracks. The band is from Sweden and features two members of the Graviators (Singer and one guitarist) as well as guys from other Swedish bands (Seeds Of Cider and Trollfnask). The record features a number of different styles mixing stoner rock with a more metallic and Black Sabbath like sound at times. The opening track, Fear of the Doom (after the intro track) starts fast with some double bass drum but then slows down a bit but the track maintains a mostly metallic sound. Possessed and Blackcore slows things down and reminds me a bit of Candlemass in the slower parts. Evolution Blues is a longer track which reminds a bit of Pentagram with a more metal sound than 70s sound. Thin Ice starts as a ballad before gaining in intensity with huge double bass drums and the mid-section has some nice guitar solos (which there are far too few on this record). Postmortem, is a mixture of slow and faster riffing sections and a lot of evil vocals. Drive starts with a Kyuss like riff but then never returns to that territory really but stays in a stoner rock like vibe until the middle section where it chills out and there is a beautiful guitar solo and a more laid back singing style (Niklas can be pretty intense!). Lucifer takes the Crown again reminds me of Candlemass (recent). In the Name of Vlad slows things to a doomy pace and has a killer riff but they don’t stick to this for very long. Later it slows down in a heavy riffing section which is followed by a guitar solo to end the short song. Your Soul is Mine is pretty intense and reminds me of King Diamond a bit. The Greatest Burden is probably the most melodic track in some ways on the record but still intense.  Like a Giant Orange Sun features Tommy from Dozer on lead guitar and ends this very intense record. One of the best tracks as well. Phew…

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