Friday, November 22, 2013

Hogjaw- If it ain’t Broke (Swamp jaw beamusic 2013)

Hogjaw are a southern rock band from Arizona and this is their 4th record. They write some damn good songs and mix up more melodic southern rock with more hard edged Clutch like stuff but without that killer swing. They also write some damn good lyrics that people can really relate to as well. One More little One starts things off with a foot stomping shuffle that reminds me a bit of Skynryd. Built my Prize is a melodic mid paced track with a decent groove. It is with Am I wrong that this side really starts to cook. This track is a great and features the other vocalist (drummer?). Dig the riff on this one and it reminds me of Cactus until the more laid back section with the dual guitar solos. Shiny Brass and especially Cold Dead Finger are cool songs and especially the hard rocking uptempo CDF track. Side B starts off with The Wolf pt1 and pt2! It starts with a nice heavy guitar riff and a short guitar solo straight away and then into the main track. The part 2 is a long and very cool spacey guitar solo section. The Devil’s Eyes is a more bluesy track and now the vocals have changed (I think it is the drummer Kwall). ’83 is a very fun song and has a long about listening to Iron Maiden on your Walkman! I was totally into Iron Maiden in 1983! The last track is sort of silly, Beer Guzzlin’ ‘Merican and for sure my least favourite on the record but I am sure this is a great one live and the audience totally get into it. Glad they mix some serious playing and some fun as well. I liked their last record better but maybe this one I have just not heard enough.

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