Friday, November 22, 2013

Sasquatch- IV (Small Stone Records SS-138)

The US stoner rock band, Sasquatch is back with their 4 release. I think I only ever heard the first one.. Anyway, I have to say this record really rocks like a MF. The Message is a really cool melodic opening track but he just sings, I’ve got a message, just way too much. Started to drive me crazy… Eye of the Storm slows things down a bit but has a nice stoney groove that almost reminds me of some old Warrior Soul, in a way. Sweet Lady starts with a pretty aggressive wah guitar before the massive power riff kicks in. Keith (vocals and guitar) plays a really cool solo and after that the intensity is raised a notch. Great song. Money has another strong riff and killer groove. Smoke Signals is 7½ mins and the band get really psyched out for a long section of the song…. Wow..get stoned…. The next three tracks are shorter 3-4mins and often Keith reminds me a lot of the Stone axe vocalist (Dru) and some of these songs could also be like a stoner rock version of Stone Axe at times. Wolves at my Door has a foot stomping and a bit more bluesy approach, while Me and You is another strong track with a Kyuss vibe but without the massive bass and passionate singing. Corner has a cool power riff and groove when it picks up the pace in this under 3min track. Drawing Flies is the closing track and the longest at 7mins and 41 seconds. A fucking good record…

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