Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunder- Lygten’s Kro, Copenhagen, DK March 26th, 2016

 This was the first time Sunder played in Denmark. This is a new French band, that used to be called the Socks but changed their name and music style but the band is the same. They are released on the cool Swedish label, Crusher Records. Anyway, a good crowd showed up and packed the small room and I met a lot of friends including Finn, who I had not seen in a long time.  Hung out in the bar with Rhona (the organizer) and Tobias (Kommun2 records) for a while as the band finished their sound check (longer than their concert!).

The band started playing about 22:30 and opened with Deadly Flower and into Thunder and Storm.  The band has a really cool classic 70s sound with organ or mellotron (Chamberlin) and good dual male vocals. The set list was all songs from their album and played very straight, perfect, no mistakes, no errors.. no fun, experiments or anything out of the norm. The drummer is just amazing in this band and really drives the sound. They are all impressive players actually but they let their songs restrict them too much.  Great songs but I must missed something. They never even once took a chance or did anything to lift the song to the next level, no jamming or anything.  I filmed the only really long song of the night, all the rest were 3-4 mins and the band only played 30mins as a headline band and then we got one more song, so about 35mins. I think nearly everyone was disappointed. This is too short. They could at least play some old Socks songs new arrangement or a cover song? They played Sunshine of your Love at the soundcheck?? Unless they start to experiment, I don’t think I would go see them again. Too straight up and nothing unexpected and even though they are booked as Heavy Psych, they play nothing psychedelic at all. Just great 70s hard rock with organ/mellotron.  Wrong label for this band.

Set List: Deadly Flower, Thunder and Storm, Wings of the Sun, Bleeding Trees, Phoenix, Eye Catcher, Daughter of the Snows, Cursed Wolf, Don't live it Behind, Lucid Dream (they have arrows on the set list like they moved songs around, so this was probably not the real order)



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