Saturday, March 12, 2016

Risin’ Sabotage- S/T (Nasoni Records (Nasoni 171)

This new Ukrainian band really blew me away. The band is a four piece with vocals, guitar, bass and drums.  Shit, these young guys make a killer mix of Pentagram/Trouble with a lot of lead guitar solos, some bluesy, some heavy and a bit of stoner rock through in as well at times. The record starts quite doomy with a track called War! Sabotage Rising reminds me a lot of Trouble to start but with out the dual guitars and then it goes into a slower blues section (you can hear the track below).  Green Goblin mixes things up with some funky bass stuff, slow spacey sections, and grooves again. Strange track. Vultures starts off a lot like Voodoo Chile (Hendrix) and has some interesting lyrics and an intense guitar solo. Side B starts off with Quasar has a slow stoney groove. The singer has a cool voice, reminds me a bit of Magnus from Witchcraft at times. So High features an intense wah guitar and some great soloing as well. Riders is the last track and has a cool groove and also driven by the guitar playing. For sure check these guys out!

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