Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Claudio Cataldi- Here She Comes Now 7” (Fruits de Mer Winkle 22)

This one has really cool artwork to represent different possibilities from the cover based on the title track by the Velvet Underground. Claudio is Italian and has his own label called Seashell Records that he releases music on. This is his 2nd musical attachment to the Fruits label.  The 7” opens with the title track. Very stripped down and personal with just guitars and vocals on this first track. Multiple guitars though. Nice version.  A my friends are Here (a new song) is a great song. I really like the delay guitar behind the main acoustic guitar that gives it a psychedelic edge. The vocal mix is quite cool at times as well. The next two tracks Final and Ropes and Strings have apparently been released on his label already but appear for the first time on vinyl.  Final features some keyboards and a percussion track but is largely in the same acoustic spacey vibe.  A nice guitar solo on this one that pans from side to side. Ropes and Strings is a nice instrumental acoustic guitar track with some keyboards.  Great songs..


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