Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dreadlock Tales Meets Tree Of Dub - Serigne Touba (Floating Mountain Records FMR002)

Dreadlock Tales is a really cool Finnish dub-roots reggae project by Kimmo Tyni and friends. Kimmo also plays guitar and sings in Albino Rhino (a more heavy music project!). Most of you probably don’t know it but I really love roots reggae!  Anyway, I quite this bands Gravity Equals Love CD from 2013 on Ganja Tree Records.  This is the 2nd 7” that is a Tree of Dub production/mix collaboration. Serigne Touba starts things off and it is a very vocal driven track (high falsetto voice at times) with a cool reggae keyboards and delays and programmed drums. Great sound and vibe.  Shaykh Ibra Fall Dub is the B-side and features the melodica, reminds me of Augustus Pablo in some way. Cool stuff. It would be better with real drums though. I think they only press like 150 of these 7”s.. The first one was called Seeker.  Check out the preview video below for the A side track, Serigne Touba.

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