Saturday, March 12, 2016

Deadsmoke- Deadsmoke (Heavy Psych Sounds HPS-035)

Deadsmoke are a new Italian- doom sludge punk trio. Branches of Evil starts things off in a heavy manner with a powerful nearly screamed vocal with some delay on it while the restof the band is quite downtuned and sludgy. I like the way the song sort of dies out with this evil drone. Eyes of the Blindman is a heavy riff to start but very similar to 100s of others we have heard. Pretty straight up standard doom until the strange effect on the guitar kicks in and wow, that changes things. The vocals varied on this track with more laid back and also powerful screamed parts with some long delays. It can feel quite psychedelic at times. Liar behind Me is another pretty doomy affair with a delay guitar part in the section and then it gets really intense for the last section. Tornado is the slowest track and I like the bass sound and guitar as this one slowly grows. It is a bit repetitive at times and I wish the guitar was more adventurous. It gets quite psychedelic at the end with some effects and stuff. Night of the Vipers is the last track and a bit like Funeral Doom stuff at times but not as slow, but the melodic nature on one section.

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