Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sounds of New Soma- Moebius Tunnel (Tonzonen Records TON 010-CD)

This is the 2nd album by Tonzonen Record label owner Dirk with his musical companion Alexander. The CD features 6 tracks of floating ambient music with mostly synthesizers but also some bass and guitars here and there. There are some vocals but not a lot. This is really spacey stuff and I really like it. I have been listening to this CD a lot. There are 6 tracks ranging from 6 to nearly 12 mins. Lysergdelfin starts things off in a very spacey way and slowly builds in layers. Kosmonatenglück reminds me a lot of my friends Paul and Chris from Bionaut. Really spacey dreamy, floating synth space outs. Subraumverzerrung features some programmed drum (a real sounding kit though) that they play over the top of. This has a more mature flow to it and layers of things come and go and there is a lightly sung vocal that drifts with the music as well. Stech/Apfel returns to a more drony space and has some really intense panning going on a nice guitar line as well. Morgengebet returns but this time with programmed drums, bass and guitar and lots of spacey stuff going on over the simulated band groove. There is some spoken words with a lot of delay later on. I really loved this track. Neuland ends this really cool CD.. I have to try to find the first one..

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