Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Interkosmos- Hypnotizer (Sulatron st1605)

Interkosmos was a really cool short lived (mostly) instrumental band with Sula (bass), Pablo Carneval (The Blowing Lewinsky) on drums and Sergio Ceballos (RIP KC) on guitar. They recorded this music back in 2008 and toured around Spain and also played a few gigs in Austria, where Dave lived at the time.  There are 6 tracks from the original album (very rare on a CD-R) plus one bonus live track. Each track is it’s own space out starting off with Lift Off, which takes off very slowly. Hypnotizer is next and a nearly 12min track with a lot more guitar. Some strange sounds are mixed in a lot towards the end. Edentrip is more tripped out and experimental with each musician really exploring (hear it at the link below). Kosmos Amigos has a very Spanish feeling to it with the guitar and is very relaxed. Sergio provides a short vocal passage. Some really nice bass playing on this track. Floatboat has some really cool delay guitar work as it slowly builds into a cool psychedelic rocker, the most rocking track of the CD so far which has stayed in a pretty stoned space before now.  Rockit is not rocking as much as the last track but features some pretty cool guitar as Sula and Pablo are locked in. Around 7mins it takes a unique turn with some cool delay guitars. Love the ending of this track. Cool stuff..  That ends the normal record but now you get Samphonic Trip, a live track from the 2008 tour.  It lasts nearly 14mins and is a strange experimental track with some live samples, feedback and then the band kicks in at about 5mins for a psychedelic rock jam! Cool stuff..

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