Saturday, March 12, 2016

Postures- Halucinda (World in Sound WIS-3030)

Postures are Swedish rock band that plays quite complex music with intense drumming and bass playing. This is the bands 2nd album. They are lead by Paulina on vocals, Benjamin and Viktor on guitars, David on Bass, keys and effects, and Isak on drums, keys and effects. The album features 6 tracks between 5 and 12 mins and one short one just over 2mins. The music is very much dominated by the vocals, which are way out front much of the time and quite intense. Amazing singer but too much for me. This is not your standard progressive style rock in that there are rarely any solos of any times from the musicians but an album of changing moods, guitar textures and feelings. The promo sheet compares the band to YES and Pink Floyd but I never would have raised those comparisons after hearing the CD twice (and reading the promo sheet after!). The music is full of a lot of feeling and intensity in the playing.  Drums and bass playing can at times be like mars Volta, I guess but there are almost no traditional guitar solos. Paulina is singing 80% of the time so you have to really have full focus on this and really like the vocal.  I could find it a bit overpowering. Pity the lyrics were not included in the CD.  Check this band out below.


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