Sunday, March 13, 2016

Monster Magnet and Scorpion Child- Pumpehuset, CPH March 12th, 2016

Monster Magnet are back at Pumpehuset, a club the band played at back in 2000 on the God Says No tour… I showed up early and talked with Phil and the road manager and was on the guest list. I had met up with these guys nearly every time they have played near where I lived since 1992 on the Superjudge tour when I met Ed and Dave.. Usually I talk a lot with Tim Cronin (lights) but he was not on this tour.  I had a going away party I needed to go to so I went and said by to some friends and then came back to the venue and caught Scorpion Child in the middle of the 1st or 2nd song. This was the 3rd time the band had been in CPH but I had never caught them and I missed the at Roadburn as well. The band was supposed to have the new album out before the tour but sadly it was delayed.  They really rocked and the crowd was into it. Great singer and organ player. The whole band played great but I really missed that there were very few solos. A few organ solos on some of the tracks and two towards the end of the set had guitar solos but not many solos or instrumental parts. A organ driven (low in the mix though) Led Zeppelin vibe.. Nice folks.

Scorpion Child
Set List: Reapers Danse, My Woman in Black, King’s Highway, Acid Roulette, Secret Spot, She sings I Kill, Polygon of Eyes, Blind Man’s Shine, I might be your Man

Monster Magnet hit the stage at about 22:15 and played for 70mins and did 3 encore songs. Same set as the previous nights from what I can see on the internet and a killer set..  The band opened with two from the Powertrip album (Crop Circle, Powertrip) and the audience was in Dave’s hand from the start. Amazing energy and good sound but guitars were a bit low. Lots of drum bass and vocals. Melt was the only track from God Says No and then we got the killer stuff. A lot of Superjudge songs started with the title track, into Twin Earth. Amazing.. Look to your orb for the Answer into Dinosaur Vacuum into Brainstorm and back was amazing… (I shot a video of this).
Cage around the Sun… it was a brilliant 30mins of the show. The next three have been standards in the set for years and played well. The band and audience always have a lot of fun with Space Lord Motherfucker! That was the end of the main set. They came back after about 5mins break and played a cover of an old Swedish psychedelic garage rock band called Union Carbide. Never seen them play that track before! Face Down has not been played since like 1993 but other than that it was pretty standard songs from these popular albums from the 90s. The tour was booked as songs never or rarely played before and only I want More and Face Down were in this category. Anyway, the entire band kicks ass and Dave still sings like a motherfucker for 60 and is looking and sounding great. The band play a killer set of Psychedelic sing-alongs for Stadiums…

Set List: Crop Circle, Powertrip, Melt, Superjudge, Twin Earth, Look to your orb for the Answer, Dinosaur Vacuum-Brainstorm-Dinosaur Vacuum, Cage around the Sun, Tractor, Dopes to Infinity, Space Lord.  Encores: I want more (Union Carbide Cover), Face Down, Negasonic Teenage Warhead

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