Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sula Bassana- Shipwrecked (Sulatron st1602-0

Sula (Dave) is back with another solo record but this one nearly all synthesizers and totally different from his last solo record. There is some guitar but it worked well into the layers of synthesizers and drum machines, etc. The album features 6 tracks in a bit over 40mins. Moonbase Alpha Alpha starts things off with a blast of wind and then some repetitive bass synth lines, spacey layers and off we go. There are some NASA samples through in as well. Nice 9min journey. Shushie Express is quite techno like but I love the dreamy flute like synth and sort of looped Jew’s harp like sound. While repetitive, there is always something new sneaking in after a min it or so to keep it interesting and evolving. No Time: No Eternity is quite eerie and dark before the drum machine kicks and a bass synth line starts. Synths move by secret waves and frequencies and slowly enter in to your brain. Planeta Bur features some guitar and a really cool synth line that really transported me away in the first 2 mins and then it disappears. This track has some more advanced drum/percussion programming to build the track on and some cool backwards guitar as well. A bit of an eastern vibe. Super cool track. Shipwrecked is a shorter track, just under 5mins with a cool combination of organ, dreamy piano like synth and a violin like synth. Very floating, good music to hear as you are left drifting away in space to die (See the movie Gravity?). No Way ends the album with a short track and very organ based with some spacey sounds. I loved this record..

Soon Sula will be playing blissed out forest parties for ambient techno freaks! Ha… A new career! Great work Sula..

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