Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mater Dronic- 20.000 Leguas De Viaje Psicoactivo 2CD (Self Released 2014) //Shakti’s Delerium- Electroshock! (Self Released 2015)

I have been writing on and off with Jose Carlos Sisto for many years and then we lost touch of each other and he recently sent me this release of his from 2014 and his latest masterpiece called Shakti's Delirium Electroshock! Both were pressed in only 300 on vinyl (this is a CD-R), while 20,000 is a very nice 2CD digipack with an insert all in Spanish. The first CD is over 70mins of music and features 9 tracks. The opening track starts with some beautiful acoustic guitars, cello and violin as well. There are quite a few people playing on this record. There is a wide variety of psychedelic music on these two CDs and it takes quite a while to digest. If you understand Spanish you will for sure get a deeper meaning out of the long trip that is described in the words and music. There is a lot of great guitar playing on this record.

The Shakti’s Delerium, based on a track (2nd to last on CD2) of the previously described album, is also quite cool and features the same drummer but a new bass player and no guests. This is more stripped out and not as elaborate. Features 9 tracks starting off with Supernova, a track made quite psychedelic by the way it has been mixed with vocals and instruments moving around.  A real classic rock and roll vibe on this one. Natura Extrafia starts off with some sitar before the rock and roll kicks in with a happy 70s vibe and groove. Astrovoodoo is another melodic track but a very happy feeling in the music. Vuelvo a tu mente is a more powerful track and cranks up the intensity a bit and features a wild wah guitar solo and psyched out at the end. Corazón is a really cool track with some dual guitar parts. Reptil Espacial kicks in with a harder riff but the same happiness as the rest of these tracks sneaks in as well. Sigueme features some flute by Jose and speeds things up a bit. The title track ends this really enjoyable LP. Again, if you understand Spanish you will get a lot more our of this cool music.  Enjoy the samples from you tube..

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  1. Listened a bit to the youtubelinks, sounds like something good and the covers are great so made an order of both on LP.
    Can't wait for them to arrive. :)