Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kasper and Thea’s 30 year Brithday Party-Stengade, CPH 3/5/16 with ET Tumason, KOT, Paipr, Grusom

I had a really nice evening tonight and hung out with my friends in Papir, Lone, Tom, Sven, Lasse, Frederik, Will, Morten, Kasper and others but I was very disappointed at the lack of people from the Copenhagen Music scene.  I feel there was no excuse for you not being here.  It was very disrespectful, unpolite, ungrateful, lazy, and down right rotten that you cannot show up on this night. I normally don’t rant and have a long dialog on my music blog and I stay really focused on my experience at the show but tonight was different.
Therese (Kasper's cool girlfriend)
Kasper has helped to create a new music scene in Copenhagen for bands that are or tag along to the Psych name. Like Ralph Reily, who preceded him, in doing the same thing in the early 2000’s with bringing all the great stoner and psychedelic bands to Copenhagen, when no one else was. Kasper is doing the same thing now but nearly no one from any of the Danish scene gives him any respect and thanks him. They all just take advantage of him, use him up, thrown him away. Where the fuck were you tonight? On your mobile phone or internet reading crap that means absolutely nothing? Watching the mind numbing machine (TV)? You should have been at Stengade, celebrating the guy who put on your first concert, released your first record but no it is above you or you just don’t care or even think about what it might mean to a guy who has worked hard for you but what have you done to help him or thank him???? An easy way would have been to show up tonight, say tusind tak, congrats for your birthday and thanks for all the great things you do for the scene but you were nowhere???  It was a fucking free show even, if you did not want to pay. 90kr if you wanted to contribute to the bands.  

Anyway, it was a nice way to say fuck you and we don’t really appreciate shit that you have done for us. I hope you feel bad and guilty about it and might think a bit more about appreciating the people who actually do things in the music scene, book shows so you can actually have a fucking place to play.. You would be nothing if it was not for people that work hard like Kasper. By not showing up this was a good way of showing how important a person like him is to you. Now he knows who his real friends in the music scene are. The young Danish people and bands just don’t seem to appreciate anyone, just totally take advantage of everything and everyone and think only of themselves, like in the USA… It is a terrible trend and I hate it. I will be leaving you all next year anyway and if you burn Kasper out and no one replaces him and you complain that there are not cool festivals, gigs, places to play, then it will only be your own fault that you did not support it and become part of the scene yourself.. Good luck.. Think about it… On to the show..

Ok…. KOT, a new drum and Hammond organ duo started things off. This was Nicolai from Nicolai Vilhelm Tell (released on Orpheus Records) and drummer, also named Nicholai!. Nicolai is a great multi-instrumentalist that lives out in Ringsted and rarely comes out and shares his talents with us. Anyway, the band played 30mins of pretty cool organ driven stuff with accompanying drums. Nice folky like melodies at times. We saw another organ-drum duo here a year ago from Sweden that was really wild and crazy and fun but this was more laid back but amazing Hammond playing and great drumming as well. I enjoyed it a lot. Westerbur and Rowe from the USA are also doing organ-drum stuff.

ET Tumason was next but sadly he had cut his hair and had not been played his guitar since last November at the psych fest so it was nearly if not the exact same set of music but still played with a raw energy of young Blackman from the backwoods of Louisiana who used to hear this grandpa play all these old songs on the porch but this young kid had fallen off one day and his is head and ended up waking up in Iceland. ET channels this incredible organic vibe and does some originals and classics like Dust my Broom (see video). Amazing but I wish he worked harder on his art and amazing talent.  We need new stuff ET and a longer set, please. I will release your record.. Please contact me.
Papir, our local CPH, all instrumental master trio, have long been friends of Kasper, having shared a rehearsal room with him and his old band, Troldmand for some years.  IT was their first show in CPH since last year and the band mixed up the set with a few new songs as well as all songs from the live at Roadburn record, from what I could tell. The entire band was awesome on this night and the sound in the room was killer. Amazing bass lines, killer solos and intense drumming. The crowd was really into it as well. The last song, a new one, had a killer 70s guitar riff and was a great power trio number with a awesome solo. The solos are always different from Nicklas. They played about 75mins. Yeah…

Grusom, are a pretty new band from Svendborg, Denmark playing classic 70s organ driven Deep Purple inspired rock and roll. Pity they chose a name that there are other bands using, even one with many releases spelled the same, without the e. Anyway, they rocked and I really liked them. Great charismatic front singer, good players but not much guitar solos, a few harmonies but no leads more than about 20seconds. The organ player did a few really good and longer solos. This format of a band is so perfect to really jam and take your song to another level but they did not do this even once. They are young and will learn the trade, I hope. This is the only way they really impress the audience of this quite saturated genre. Think Monster Truck but not as intense or good, yet.. 

It was a great night except the lack of people from the local scene that might not exist if Kasper had not helped them out and they were above showing any respect.


  1. We're on tour and couldn't make it, if we had the chance we would of course have been there, I'm pretty sure Kasper knows both those things. I can totally understand your message, but please check the facts (or ask) before hanging people out to dry like this. It's not very nice or including :-/ Cheers, Emil (from The Sonic Dawn (ex. Mind Flowers))

  2. I totally understand that some people might not be in town and had a reason they were not there but very few.. I will amend the review and remove you guys... Peace and hope the tour was great...

  3. hi, i understand you're point, but it wasn't just Lau from Fribytterdrømme, me and Thure from the band was there as well, i even said hi to you, but no one ever regonize drummers anyway :)

  4. Sorry... yes.. the drummer is often overlooked. Thanks for coming. I took out the specific bands now.... Hard to remember everyone but hardly anyone from the scene as there... You, Thure, Lau and Rasmus, out of many many bands.......

  5. Hi Scott full respect from me. You stand up for a brother who means a lot to all of us. Peace Uffe/Skifting

  6. Tusind tak..... I wish the young bands would support each other and the people that work hard like Kasper... The scene would be so much better and will last longer as well...

  7. "I will be leaving you all next year anyway"
    Whats with that? Are you leaving Denmark?

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