Friday, January 5, 2018

Alan Davey Questionnaire 2018

I first met Alan when he was in Hawkwind in the USA in 1995 in New Haven Conn, when I did an interview with Richard, Ron Tree, Dave and Alan. I then met Allan again at the Hawkfan gathering in Hamburg where he played with Bedouin. As you know, Alan has made a lot of music with different projects since his days in Hawkwind. Find out a bit more about him now as he has recently left  the UK and moved to the USA.

Where´s Home

 The Californian desert west of Death Valley.

Earliest Space Rock Memory?

 At 12 years old hearing my brother Andy playing Hawkwind albums especially Doremi Fasol Latido.

 First Space rock record you bought?? 

 Hawklords 1978.

First Space Rock Gig

Hawklords 1978 in Ipswich, England.

Guilty Musical Pleasures

Dolly Parton, Danny Minogue.

Biggest Space Rock Extravaganza or gig..

 1987, Acid Daze, Finsbury Park, London with 10,000 people and Lemmy.!

Fave Venue

 Brixton Academy, London.

Outside of Space Rock, what are you into?

 Motörhead, Devo and Charlie 'Bird' Parker mostly.

What do you collect?

Toy American cars but not new ones, old beaten up ones and also fishing lures.

The last Space Rock album you bought?

 Can-Tago Mago.

Your Space Rock Hero?

 Bob Calvert.

Last Space Rock Gig you attended?

 Hawkwind 1984.

Ever had a Space Rock Date

 A few!

Who do you call in the Space Rock community for a good night out?

 It used to be Lemmy. Now Tommy Brookman.

Most important Space Rock song?

 Time We Left this World today.!

The best Space Rock Gig you ever saw?

 Hawkwind - Levitation tour 1980.

Which Space Rock muse would you most like to work with?

Bob Calvert but sadly that'll never happen, it almost did though.

What Space Rock album gets you into a good mood?

 Space Ritual.

Your fave Space Rock album cover?

 Space Ritual.

What are you up to at the moment?

 I'm working on 3 albums, a solo one with re works of 5 old solo songs and 6 new songs. Paul Rudolf, Nik Turner, Mick Slattery, Simon House and Terry Ollis are all contributing toward it.

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  1. And I said when we were at college you would never get anywhere with music that loud, how I have eaten my words so many times as you were always a natural star, Diane