Saturday, January 20, 2018

Maat Lander- Seasons of Space- Book #1 (Clostridium Records CR032)

This is the 2nd full length record by the Russian band, Maat Lander. Last year the band released a very cool split LP with Øresund Space Collective.  Now the band are back with 8 new tracks with a specific theme and Vol 2 on the way later this year. Planet of the Intelligent Gas-shaped Lifeforms starts things off with some spacey synths and guitar and then the main riff kicks in. A nice synth solo is played while the drums play a more intense rhythm. Ilya later kicks in with a beautiful solo as the track glides forth. Crimson Turtles starts with some synths (2) and then the guitar line, followed by bass and then the drums. Very nice vibe, spacey and floating.  Some nice themes that are repeated over and over and then deviations by the guitar or synth trading back and forth at times. It gets more rocking at the end. Cool track.  Galaxy Passage #1 features acoustic guitar and some spacey synths (played by the bass player). IT is a short track that leads into the final one on side A called Fields of Serenity. Space jazz to start and then a quite heavy riff and bass groove and great guitar solo.

Side B starts out with the World of the Ocean with no Dry Land, featuring Dr Space on guest synths. It starts slow and spacey with lots of synth layers before the band and slide guitar kick ins. The energy level rises with a great guitar riff and loads of spacey action in the background and cool synth solo by Arkidiy (bass player).  Galaxy Passage #2 is another short acoustic piece to bridge into Dance of Photonic Roaches. Great title. This one is a bit faster with a cool guitar line that sort of penetrates into your brain as the layers of synths are quite freaky. The Constellation of the Mirror Fish closes this great album and a cool progression from the bands first album. A lot of synths on this last track as you really float into space. Great atmosphere and music. 

The record comes with a nice pamphlet with a cool sci fi story in it with nice illustrations. I look forward to the next space journey and book.

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