Saturday, January 27, 2018

Vvlva- Path of Virtue (World in Sound WIS-3032)

Vvlva is a new German 5 piece band born our of the ashes of he band Orcus Chylde. Black Sands starts things off with a solo organ intro that lasts for about 1min before the rest of the band kicks in. This track is very much like Uriah Heep down to the details of how they did the harmony vocals. The lead vocal is a bit sung and spoken with a bit of a harsh, shouty edge at times. Great opening track. Now you know what you are in for! Motel Floor has a great guitar riff and start stop almost funky groove. Vocal is a bit shouty and in your face at times. Nice wah wah solo as well in this great track. Cause and Effect has a heavy guitar riff and a more laid back vocal with the organ a bit more in the background to start. Dieb der Seelen is sung in German and very passionately sung in this more hard rocking track that is like early Deep Purple!  Think In Rock period. Cryptic Faith starts off slowly with a nice guitar solo before the groove kicks in and off we go. Some nice harmony vocals on this track as well. Love the way the organ and guitar mix into almost sound like one. It gives it a bit of a psychedelic feel. Adam’s Owe is a short powerful 3mins track. The title track of the album starts very laid back before the wah guitar kicks in and great groove leads the way. The organ and guitar parts are really excellent in this track. The song has a bit of mysterious feel to it at times and some of the best vocals on the record.  Second Voice closes out the record with a more bluesy track with some slide steel guitar by Wolfgang (guest).

On first listen, the band reminded me a lot of the recent Danish band, Grusom, who are also very Deep Purple, Uriah Heep inspired with a heavy Hammond organ driven sound. Solid 70s inspired rock and roll.

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