Friday, January 5, 2018

Gaia/Slow Joint Split LP (Virkelighedsfjern Vir025)

Gaia and Slow Joint are two Copenhagen trios that have played a lot of gigs together in the underground doom-sludge scene. This time the band joined together to make a split LP. Side A starts off with two long tracks by Gaia (some of the members also play in Måneskjold). Gaia starts things off with the stoner doom monster Wound Gravity (10mins).  Slow, constant stoned doom with some vocals pushed to the back. Some of them are almost like throat singing and very drony. Cool.  There’s Nothing Left, another long one starts with a more melodic guitar and a slow build. The heavy doomy stuff does not start to creep in for several minutes. Stoned…… Flip the sucker over for some Slow Joint. Beverage Joe starts with some feedback and bass before the track really kicks off and reminds me a bit of Weedeater.  A more in your face vocal and stoner-doom like a slower Church of Misery.  Low and Slow is a bit more angry and with a cool guitar riff. Politicks is very angry with another heavy doomy riff. No solos from either band on these releases.  Check em out and play it really LOUD.

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