Saturday, January 27, 2018

Secret Saucer- The Reset (Psyka Records PSYKA 005)

Hayes is back with the 7th Secret Saucer record and the first one ever on vinyl! It is amazing this band has been releasing music since 2005. It has been 2 years since the last one. This album features 10 shorter tracks and is more synth based with not a lot of guitar and starts off with the solo synth piece called Mercury. Roaming Shores is next and Steve (synths and guitar) is joined by the usual gang (Dave Hess on synth and gliss guitar, James Dunn on Drums and Billy Spears on bass.  This is a more uptempo space rocker with an eerie synth that leads the track. Later the synths become very happy and dreamy and this is followed by a cool guitar solo. Silver Tethers is a very floating dreamy piece that reverberates like old Tangerine Dream stuff but with some real drums. The Reset is a short piece. IT starts with some spacey stuff with a spoken word or sample. This leads into Surfing on Saturn, the last track on side A.  This one is primarily synths (some very cool!), bass and drums with a very repeated theme. I really miss some guitar on this track. Treading on Crystal Light opens side B and is quite Hawkwind like to start (think Golden Void).  Later it goes into a sort of strange reggae like stuff for a bit then back to where it started but with a more Pink Floyd inspiration. We’re Waiting is a quite short track with different layers of synths. Oriental Perturbation is a slow track with multiple layers of synth with bass and drums.  A slight oriental feel to the lead synth, I guess. Burning Colors is another dreamy floating track with some really cool layers. Beautiful stuff. Beaten Path sees the return of the guitar and some really nice playing on another pretty laid back piece.  A much more mellow and less rocking experience from Secret Saucer.

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