Saturday, January 27, 2018

Metallica- Master of Puppets Deluxe Box Set (Blackened)

I was lucky to be asked to contribute an interview I did with Cliff Burton in May 1986, a few months before he died. Also, they included two pages from my Metal Madness fanzine in the large hard back book that comes in the box. Thanks.. I got one copy of the box for my contribution.  Anyway, the box is very impressive.  The new remaster on both vinyl and CD. A double live album from the tour on vinyl from Chicago. These live shows, despite not always multitrack quality display just how heavy and powerful Metallica were at this time. A real cutting edge metal band. There are several additional shows on CD and DVDs as well as Cliffs last show on a cassette tape!! A decent quality audience recording. The box also comes with 6 Metallica pins, a Damage inc..  LP size print and the amazing 108 page book with so many cool pics and details about the recording session. A very impressive package and one that will take me a few weeks to hear and watch the DVDs…   Even better than the Ride the Lightning box, which I was also very impressed with. I wonder if they will do something like this for the Garage Days or Black album??

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