Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Sourheads- Care plan for the Soul (Oak Island Records 2017)

This is a totally new band for me from Wakefield, UK. The four-piece band plays a rough and tough rock and roll with a lot of attitude. The CD starts off with Demon and gives you a good taste for the Stooges (only a few tracks) old Alice Cooper inspired rock and roll music.  They experiment and get a bit distracted on this and experiment a bit. Morally High has an almost Ted Nugent like guitar riff but not groove. The main bridge-chorus is a bit alt rock and melodic but they return to the hard rock sound. My Rock and Roll is a bit wondering at the start before they kick into the rock. Power of Addiction starts with just an organ and vocal before the bass line leads into a nice track and something different from the others. Rag and Bone Man has a great guitar riff and cool vocals one of the rare guitar solos.  Cool song. Don’t get Caught.(I am the Lotus) reminds me of the Stooges with a very obvious borrowing of the guitar riff from I wanna be your Dog!   Secret Cigarette brings back the groove with a foot stomping track. Warbird is another mid paced rocker with a mean main guitar riff but then goes into a more melodic territory for the bridges and chorus. Mad Dog is the last and longest track at 6mins in length. It goes through a lot of different phases and twists and turns.  This is an album you need to hear quite a few times before you can really appreciate the bands song craft.  Interesting..

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