Saturday, January 27, 2018

Rodeo Drive- No Second Chance EP (Self Released)

Rodeo Drive is a German trio. This self-released EP was recorded in the bands rehearsal room in Sept 2017. I can see on Discogs the band made a previous CD back in 2014. Cool they are still going. The CD starts off with drums and then a sort of western movie theme kicks in with a bit of twangy guitar before it gets a bit heavier and intense around 1 ½ mins. Bassist Hans, has a rough gritty voice.  A passionate track. The title track is a more stoner rock like affair with a powerful start and then it comes down into a sort of bluesy section. Vocal reminds me a bit of Orange Goblin on this track. Black Satire is the final track and a doomy one to start and then a great groove kicks in and the track takes a totally different and cool path. The doom returns again at the end. This is my fave track of the three.

Not at all a bad recording for the rehearsal room, mostly suffering on the drum sound. Check them out. Three tracks and three different styles presented.

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