Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sweet Times Vol 6 7” (Who can you Trust WHO-34)

The cool Germany label Who can you Trust is back with the 6th volume of their Sweet Times series. I have only ever heard of Zig Zags and not the other three bands. The 7” starts off with a track called Casino by Dealer. This is a fast aggressive track with some killer lead guitar to start things off and then it slows down when the vocals kick in but the riff is still damn mean. Drums are very intense at times. Char-Man kick in with a track called Freak Rock. This is a pretty straight up rock and roll song with a much lower volume than the first track. Reminds me of the Ramones.  Side B starts off with Falco by Hydromedusa. The vocal is very raw and a bit buried under the heavy guitar line and organ on this rocking track. Classic rock and roll! Zig Zags close things off with a track called Blood. High energy rock and roll, what else do you ever get from the Zig Zags. Solid track. Very cool sleeve on the inside that folds out and the cover but no information about the bands (where they are from, where it was recorded, web sites, etc..). Cool release. Rock and roll mutherfucker and play LOUD.

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