Friday, January 5, 2018

Deadly Vipers- Fueltronaut (Oak Island Records 2017)

Deadly Vipers are a new French stoner rock band. This CD features 9 tracks in 40 mins and rocks. Fuel of Prophecy starts off very Sabbath like and features a pretty cool guitar when the song starts to differentiate from the main opening riff and then it takes off into total stoner groove rock ala Dozer, Kyuss, Los Natas and the singer, wow, sounds almost exactly like John Garcia, down to the vocal inflections (at least on this song!).  Universe keeps the stoner rock groove flowing. Doppelganger Sun is also real old school sounding stoner riff rock, with a pretty well used riff to start. I really dig this track, which is a bit slower with a not so John Garcia like vocal. The Prey goes On is a bit more melodic and moody. Stalker slows it down with a heavy doomy bass line and reminds me of Samsara Blues Experiment. Meteor Valley has a nice long instrumental section with some lead guitar which was really cool. A nice change from mostly straight up stoner riff rock. Supernova is a cool track (see video below) reminded me a bit of Nova Driver (remember this cool Small stone band??). Dead Summer is another kyuss inspired track that gets slow and doomy at the end. River of Souls finishes off the record and if you are patient after the long silence there is a cool mellow spacey jam. A pretty cool new stoner band. Hope they manage to get around in Europe.

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