Friday, December 29, 2017

My Favorite Records of 2017

1.   Gin Lady- Electric Earth (Sweden)
2.   Gov’t Mule- Revolution come, Revolution Go (US)
3.   Geezer- Psychriffadelica LP (US)
4.   Captain Beyond- Lost and Found (US)
5.   Motorpsycho- The Tower (Norway)
6.   Ethiva- Sublime Island LP (Spain)
7.   Elder- Refections of a Floating World (US)
8.   KG Westman- Shonashish (Sweden)
9.   3rd Ear Experience- Stoned Gold (US)
10.    All them Witches- Sleeping through the War (US)
11.    Causa Sui- Live in Copenhagen 3LP (Denmark)
12.   Electric Moon- Stardust Rituals (Germany)
13.    Samsara Blues Experiment- One with the Universe (Germany)

14.  Siena Root- A Dream of Lasting Piece (Sweden)
15.  The Obsessed- Sacred 2LP (US)
16. Circle- Terminal (Finland)
17. Papir- V (Denmark)
18.   Sammal- Live at Roadburn (Finland)
19.  Colour Haze- In her garden (Germany)
20.   ØSC- Hallucinations inside the Oracle (Den/Swe)
21. Mirror Queen- Verdigris (US)
22.   Sasquatch- Maneuvers (US)
23.   Korai Tracemission 2017 (Hungary)
24.   Five Horse Johnson- Jake Leg Boogie (US)

25.    Black Moon Circle- Studio Jams Vol 3- Flowing into the 3rd Dimension (Norway)

I think I received or bought about 250 releases from 2017 and these are ones that I heard the most of dug for one reason or another..  I did not review them all but quite a few of them. The order is not that important. 

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  1. I am listening for the first time to Papir - Live at the Roadburn and WOW what a pleasant surprise to the point that I am falling in love with this band. Anymore recommendations to something similar to this band? Thanks for posting and recommend it. Have a good one.