Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Buffalo Killers- Alive and Well in Ohio (Alive Natural Sound 0194-2)

This is an Ohio 4 piece band that released their first album back in 2006.  The two brothers Zachary and Andy write all the songs. This is the bands 6th record and 5th on Alive Natural Sound.  The first of 13 tracks starts off with Death magic Cookie, a track with a very obvious Beatles feeling to it (vocals). What a Waste is another melodic pop-rock song with dual vocals as on most tracks. This melancholy track features a nice guitar break. Parachute features a falsetto lead vocal and is another poppy sort of track. The end has some heavy guitar but it does not go anywhere. Eastern Tiger switches to a acoustic guitar and again features very Beatles like singing. Need a Changin´(See video below) is one of the more heavy and grooving tracks (a well needed change from the mainstream) on this record.  The band actually seem like they jam it out a bit. Great track. Evil Thoughts is back to the style of the earlier tracks with a very melodic vocal driven happy pop alt rock tracks with a nice guitar line. Outta this Hotel has a darker feeling to it and slows things down a bit but a bit of a reference to She’s so Heavy by the Beatles and is also the longest track on the album at 5 ½ mins. Rad Day is a happy track with a nice different guitar line and country pedal steel guitar thrown in for good measure! Applehead Creek slows things down and could be a Blackberry Smoke track musically not vocally.  Nice. Stuck inside the Realm of Man is a more dark moody track with that tinge of Beatles as well. On Out is another grooving track with some slide guitar but that catchy sound that is Buffalo Killers. Black Hair is the last track on the normal album and a more laid back track with a more falsetto vocal to start and then a more heavy and nasty guitar and into an almost Hawaiian like guitar break before back to the tenor vocals. The CD features the bonus track So Close in your Mind, a happy track.
If you are a fan of the band, you will dig this new one, chock full of catchy, quirky tracks.

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