Tuesday, December 12, 2017

White Hills & Der Blutharsch- Desire (WKN)

White Hills and the folks from Der Blutharsch and the Infinite church of the leading Hand have a new collaboration out. It is a 5 track EP, a bit over 20 mins long. I guess this is out on vinyl at some point as well but right now, it appears in a black slipsleeve with virtually no information, so I will just have to describe the music for you.
Nom de guerre starts with a heavy bass line and some programmed drums, guitar (Dave??) before the dreamy vocals slowly enter in.  Very 80s sounding. Is it Ego or ??  Some interesting synths are thrown into the mix and it gets quite psychedelic around 3mins in. Await the moon has a very different sound production and features the female singer from Der Blutharcsh. Some cool spacey guitar on this track as this one is more floating and features real (?) drums. Mixed a bit far back are some pretty cool synths. Desire features a more accessible beat and rhythm to go with the programmed drums. Could be Ego on bass. Very 80s synth pop like vocals.  Trippy ending to this track. Sfg starts with a very cool synth line that slowly fades up as the low end starts to fill the sound spectrum and your ears adjust to the psychedelic sound. This is a freaky instrumental. Lover is the last track and also has a quite psychedelic sound and features the female vocalist from Der Blutharcsh. The programmed kick drum is really in your face on this track. This track is just strange with weird synths and drones. Ectc. Dave kicks in with a dark guitar riff around 2mins. Freaky stuff. It is hard to compare this to either band but it does have more of a feel like recent White Hills verse older WH. I have not heard enough of the extremely extensive Der Blutharsch discography to know if they have a lot more stuff like this or not? This is totally unlike anything I have heard this year. Check it out.


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